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6 of the best server shoes to wear in autumn

Which are the best server shoes to wear in autumn? We've picked out the best work shoes for waiters and waitresses to help you find the right footwear before your next shift.



While autumn can be very beautiful when the leaves start to change colour, the weather can be very disappointing. Especially after you've been enjoying three months of summer, autumn is a sharp contrast.


You need work shoes that are reliable and will protect your feet from rain. Getting to the restaurant to start a eight-hour shift with wet feet is a recipe for a nightmare.


The best shoes for servers working in the autumn season are:

  •  Waterproof or water-resistant: for defence from rain
  • Made from high quality materials: the higher quality the shoes are, the longer they will last
  • Slip-resistant: this greatly reduces the chance of slipping or falling on wet leaves and floors and once you head indoors at work


Best shoes for food servers in the autumn season



Cabbie is one of our most popular slip-resistant styles because its casual style is great for work and leisure. For autumn, it is one of the best work shoes to choose from. The high quality, water-resistant canvas helps to keep your feet dry. The cushioned insoles are excellent for jobs like waiting tables because they support you when standing for long periods at a time. Getting sore feet as a server is the worst - here are some techniques you can use to relieve foot pain.



Old School Low Rider II


Old School Low Rider II has everything you need as a server. Made from high quality leather, these shoes are sturdy and will last longer compared to cheaper options. As a waiter, you need to invest in your shoes, otherwise you will be buying a new pair every three months.


Water-resistant protection and incredible slip-resistant grip keeps your feet dry and significantly reduces the chance of you suffering a slip or fall at work. 





Destiny's small heel gives you some height without putting any strain on your ankles. The water-resistant full-grain leather helps to defend your feet from splashes like puddles and spilt drinks. Just like all our shoes, Destiny is fitted with our SFC Mighty Grip tread which gives effective resistance on slippery floors. Servers face a lot of hazards in restaurants, especially slippery floors so they need slip-resistant footwear.



Ballerina II


Inspired from a classical style, Ballerina II is a popular style for servers. For autumn, these water-resistant work shoes help protect your feet from wet floors and the efficient slip-resistant grip is incredibly effective on any type of slippery floors. You might think this looks like a dainty shoe but the Ballerina II has lots of features, making it a dependable and popular style for the autumn season. 



Aristocrat III



The shoes you wear for work has a major impact on how you feel at work. With the Aristocrat III, you'll feel like a professionally trained server who cares about the way they look. Your appearance at work will benefit your own positive attitude at work and make a good impression on the customers you serve (meaning you can receive higher tips!). 


In autumn, the Aristocrat III is one of the best options available. Made from sturdy full-grain leather, this is a smart and protective work shoe that repels water, keeping your feet dry. The shock-absorbing outsole is a must-have for any employee working on their feet for long periods at a time. 



Cambridge II




Cambridge II is one of the best server shoes to wear in autumn because it has everything you need for the wet and windy season. The water-resistant full-grain leather makes it a high quality work shoe that protects your feet against all the elements. Along the the SFC Mighty Grip outsole, Cambridge II has incredible slip resistance on all types of indoor and outdoor floors.   



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