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6 Luxury desserts that are too incredible to eat

Desserts are arguably the best part of any menu. Most people would probably start with a dessert if it was socially acceptable. Sweet tarts, elaborate cakes and luxury desserts have the ability to tempt any sweet bud. Here is a delicious handful of desserts that are just too incredible to eat. 



1) Strawberry & Coconut Cake




At the centre, this is an ordinary strawberry and cream cake but the decoration is a deluxe selection of strawberries, kiwis and blueberries along with white chocolate, coconut flakes and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. 



2) Chocolat au Crumble de Fraises



This Chocolate and Strawberry Crumble is a dessert masterpiece. With a cookie base, the chocolate ball acts like a dish and holds the strawberry and crumble. The hardened fantastical chocolate decoration looks too good to eat.  



3) Chocolate Mousse Cake




With a rich mousse chocolate interior, this cake has a luxury decorated exterior. The dark chocolate covering is designed with a mixture of fruits, golden sweets, pastries and macarons.



4) Mini Fruit Tarts



Many pastries chefs are experienced in creating hundreds of mini fruit tarts in one day, and each tart has to be perfect. Small tart pastries with sliced fruit and a touch of syrup.



5) Black Forest Cake



With sour cherry and whipped cream this German dessert is a popular choice. The thick cream outer coating is perfectly smooth and has no flaws. It seems a shame to cut a slice. 



6) Sweet Apple Pie



All you need is some custard and it'd be perfect.


A traditional favourite in the UK, you can't go wrong with an apple pie. In fact, most restaurants tend to have this popular dish on their menu (or the slightly different apple crumble). 


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