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5 On-Trend Restaurant Uniform Ideas

Whether you run a casual grab-and-go cafe or a high-class restaurant, your staff need to wear uniforms. Not only do uniforms keep your employees safe from hazards so they can work comfortably and productively, but they also help them give that vital first impression. Here are five of the best restaurant uniform ideas for summer 2018.



Restaurants are always updating their staff uniforms to refresh their brand and keep impressing their customers. The ideas we’ll be discussing are:



1. Mixing Textures


Restaurant uniforms should be made from durable material that keeps your workers safe from occupational hazards such as liquids and sharp equipment, yet still comfortable enough to allow them to work in a hot environment. However, many restaurants are beginning to take luxury fabrics into account as well.


For example, Ascot, one of the world’s most famous racecourses, redesigned their bar staff and waitstaff uniforms in 2014. The result? A quirky yet classic look that complemented the elegant, prestigious experience that the Ascot Races is so famous for.


Staff are comfortable in contemporary, light cotton shirts but their textured aprons add an extra, classic element to their appearance.



Take inspiration from this and swap the cotton aprons for denim, leather or suede, the polyester ties for silk or wool. Mixing different textures in your uniform materials adds an extra dimension to your staff's appearance.



2. Fun Accessories


Uniforms should keep your restaurant staff safe from hazards, but who says they can’t be fun and stylish? When your team is dressed to look upbeat, chances are they will start to feel more upbeat as they work and that will be reflected in their customer service.


If you want have a black uniform, consider having fun, bright accessories such as colourful aprons, hats, ties or braces. This adds a little bit of personality to your restaurant uniform and overall branding.



3. Outside the Box Colour Choices


Colours make a difference. Many establishments opt for black attire because it goes with any colour scheme, it hides stains well and customers seldom dress in head-to-toe black so your staff will contrast in a good way.


While these are all great (and viable) reasons, a bright uniform can make even more of an impact.


This is particularly the case for your back of house staff. David Bar, vice president of Happy Chef Uniforms in New Jersey has claimed, "The back of the house is becoming the front of the house [with open kitchens and social media] and we're seeing it freshened up with colours."



Think colours like green tea, merlot, eggplant and custard to brighten up your uniforms. Alternatively, you could even have themed clothing to match your restaurant’s decor or in accordance with the seasons and any food promotions you might be holding.



4. Eye-Catching Logos


Uniforms are a great way to promote brand awareness as your staff are the face of your restaurant. Having your logo on the uniform is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure your staff and restaurant are always enforcing your brand.


Anything that attracts attention but complements your branding is a good shout.


Tip: Logos are most visible on the back of waitstaff shirts and black, navy and white are the best colours for this purpose.



5. Slip-Resistant Shoes


Your entire restaurant team, from the front of house staff to your bar and kitchen workers, all spend the majority of their shift on their feet which can take a toll on their energy and performance. As well as this, slips, trips and falls are some of the most common workplace accidents, which is hardly surprising in as fast-paced an environment as a restaurant kitchen.



Show your staff how much you care about their well being by investing in safety shoes with slip-resistant soles and cushioned support (among other features) to keep their feet comfortable and protected from hazards. Wearing proper footwear at work will ensure safety, help prevent accidents and boost staff morale and productivity. Show that you respect your staff and they will respect you in return.




Want to Boost Your Restaurant’s Growth Even More?


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