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5 of the best healthcare shoes for working in a hospital

When working in the healthcare industry it's essential that every patient is looked after, who's to say that doesn't also apply with your feet? With most nurses averaging 12 hours per shift, it can really harm your focus on the wards if you're in discomfort because of your footwear, and this can also lead toward developing foot-related health issues. Wearing the right shoes is key, so we've picked out some of the best healthcare shoes for working in a hospital.


Firstly, why do I need Healthcare Shoes?   

You may find yourself asking this; why won't any pair of reasonable footwear do? Well, healthcare shoes are designed with health and safety standards in mind. When you're navigating the wards, you need work shoes that provide comfort and support. Walking on hard floors for up to 12 hours a day can put your feet under painful stress.


By wearing healthcare shoes, it helps you avoid common foot-related injuries whilst offering the assurance that the best materials have been used for long-term durability.


Below is a list containing some of our best picks that offer great value for money and incredible slip-resistant grip. 



Shoes For Crews Recommends 

Old School Low Rider IV; Reliable, Stylish yet Cost Effective



The Old School Low Rider IV is a renown favourite, not just for its stylish design but more so for its reliability. Designed specifically with healthcare staff in mind, the Old School Low Rider II is crafted from genuine leather for longer durability and has an upgraded footboard for extra support. The removable cushioned insoles can be easily replaced when the time comes to change them (so you don't have to buy a brand new pair of shoes).


Condor Women; Breathable Safety-inspired Trainer




The Condor Women is one of the best when it comes to hospital footwear because of the reinforced interior support. Featuring removable cushioned insoles and a padded ankle collar, Condor Women provides extra comfort when you're moving between the ER and the wards.


The addition of ballistic knit accents helps your feet breathe throughout the day. When you're wearing the same shoes for most of the day, they will get warm and sweaty so this feature helps to keep your feet feeling cooler. Thanks to the arch suppor, Condor Women provides maximum support on any flooring - from countless stairs to the wards. 



Zinc - The lightweight, EVA Clog that's comfortable and easy to clean



The Zinc is ideal for those who want lightweight footwear that's comfortable and easy to clean. It's EVA material is lightweight, but also comfortable and makes cross-contamination a thing of the past.  


Thanks to the slip-on style, many healthcare staff favour this style because you don't have to worry about laces. Zinc is one of the best healthcare shoes for working in a hospital.



Vitality II; Lightweight, Multi-Purpose Hospital Shoes

The Vitality II style is an athletic-inspired shoe that is designed with breathable mesh and leather uppers to offer a reassuring yet flexible fit around your foot. The Vitality weighs just 255g per shoe, allowing you to move more freely and without the additional foot stress often caused by heavy footwear.



Revolution II White; Supportive & Shock Absorbing Trainers


The Revolution II White is a pair of safety shoes specifically designed to help relieve stress on the knees and legs. Using air piston technology, it helps reduce between 40 to 70% of impact energy from walking or running, which is needed considering nurses can walk on average between 4-5 miles in a 12 hour shift. 



What makes Shoes For Crews different from other work shoes?

At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. all our work shoes are fitted with slip-resistant outsoles that exceed industry standards. When you're looking for healthcare shoes to wear in a hospital, you need the best shoes for work.



That's not all, view the full range of styles here:



Struggling to find the best hospital footwear?

If you're stuck for time, you can always browse the complete range whilst you're on the go, with our free healthcare catalogue. Packed with useful tips and offers, grab your catalogue via the button below. 

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