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5 Benefits of Slip Resistant Shoes for Hospitals

Working in healthcare, you have more than enough things on your mind to start worrying about your footwear. The long-day shift on the back of a run of night shifts, the never ending to-do list, the countless miles you cover and the fact you barely have time to sit down - never mind, catch your breath. Despite being such a rewarding career, it can be tiring being a healthcare professional. This is why it's so important you choose the right shoes for work. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose slip resistant shoes when working in a hospital.





1. Confidence of Safety


Those vinyl ward floors and long corridors may be easy to wipe clean and maintain, but they're very unforgiving. Any spill or slight bit of missed liquid following cleaning can leave you working on an ice rink.


Wearing the wrong shoes can leave you upended and feeling a little embarrassed - or worse. Don't take a chance and make sure your footwear has a sole designed to offer ultimate traction and safety.


Whilst you may prefer your high-street trainers at the moment, as they are "comfortable enough", you should consider a piece of footwear that looks after your long term health too.


Improper footwear when on your feet for hours on end, day after day, can leave you with feet, leg and back problems. Excessive strain to your feet will make you vulnerable to plantar fasciitis. Make sure your work footwear has purposely designed soles to preserve your long term physical well being.


Condor Women (2312) is fitted with our Mighty Grip safety sole.


2. Built in Comfort


At the same time as being safe, we understand just how important comfort is. You need to be able to feel instant comfort when you put on your work shoes and - though you will have earned a sit down - when it comes to the end of a shift, your aches and fatigue should be kept to an absolute minimum.


You should find a shoe with removable, customisable insoles that offers extra, padded support around the heel and ankle. Along with a bolstered instep and midsole, a well chosen work shoe will leave you far more comfortable; meaning you have that little bit more energy and enthusiasm to keep caring for those who depend on you.


Eastside White (6150) is a comfortable and casual work shoe for nurses


3. Speed


The specially designed and patented sole of a pair of SFC shoes will make your work that little bit easier. The confidence gained from your Mighty Grip sole will make transitioning between surfaces and through spills or freshly cleaned areas a doddle. Meaning you can concentrate on delivering your care, and feel confident your shoes are looking after you.


The agile Vitality (9244) lightweight nursing shoe.


4. Enhanced Durability


You shoes need to be built to last longer; and slip resistant shoes are.


They are a work shoe, first and foremost.


They undergo rigorous testing and meet the standards expected of a healthcare professional, nurse or doctor who spends the majority of their day on the move and on their feet, often on the most hard wearing of surfaces. SFC slip resistant shoes can stand up to the tough conditions that you have to face each and every shift.


Evolution white (8128) healthcare trainer includes an air pocket for added comfort.


5. Cost Effective


With this in mind, it is worth mentioning that they are also cost effective. It may be tempting to go for a slightly cheaper product from the high-street, but this will forgo the safety and comfort already mentioned.


It will also result in producing a false economy saving. Due to the extended periods of use and intensity of work they're under, a high-street shoe will usually degrade quicker than a 100% leather, purposely designed slip resistant healthcare shoe.


In the long run, this will save money but also time, as you won't be having to be finding a new pair and going to collect them, when all you want to do is get home and relax.


Head to our dedicated selection of healthcare slip resistant shoes by visiting our shop.




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