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4 slip-resistant and comfortable shoes for pregnant nurses

As a nurse working long hours, you're already vulnerable to getting sore feet. So, when you're pregnant, it's important you have comfortable and supportive footwear to help support your back and protect your feet from swelling. Here are some of our favourite slip-resistant styles, which are comfortable shoes for pregnant nurses


1) Vitality; lightweight trainers for sore feet

2) Old School Low Rider IV; iconic style with extra support

3) Condor Women; supportive work trainers

4) Zinc; slip on, slip off clog that's easy to clean


1) Vitality; lightweight trainers for sore feet


When your feet are feeling swollen and tender, the worst type of shoes to wear are heavy and clunky styles. This is why we recommend Vitality. This is a clean, athletic style that is lightweight. In fact, it's only 255g per shoe. The lightweight feature means you're not putting your feet under any unnecessary pressure. Fitted with the SFC slip-resistant outsole, these shoes have incredible grip on slippery surfaces. 



2) Old School Low Rider IV; iconic style with extra support

The Old School Low Rider IV is one of our most popular shoes because of two reasons: the iconic style and the support. For work shoes, they're excellent because they can be worn to casual events and at work, nobody will be able to say they're work shoes.  Made from genuine leather, they're comfortable around your feet and the upgraded floorboard gives the support your back will be craving for. 



3) Condor Women; supportive work trainers



This breathable trainer is a popular style for healthcare professionals because it's a supportive trainer. If you need to hurry to the ER or you're assisting in surgery, you need to wear shoes that offer maximum comfort. This is why we recommend this style for pregnant nurses. The padded collar, removable cushioned insoles and ballistic knit means this is a durable shoe that will provide lasting comfort at work. Condor Women is a comfortable shoe for pregnant nurses who need work shoes that will support them in all areas of their job.



4) Zinc; slip on, slip off clog that's easy to clean



Zinc provides comfort, support and much more. Because of its slip on and slip off style, it's a popular choice for pregnant nurses because they don't have any laces (which can be tricky when you're in your third trimester). The removable cushioned insoles give effective support when assisting in long surgeries. Made from EVA material, they're durable and easy to clean. When your feet are swollen these are the best choice.



Advice for finding the best work shoes for pregnant nurses

Even though you might be resistant to buying new work shoes during your pregnancy, it's important to look after your health. During your pregnancy, your body will be changing shape to prepare for birth and you need to wear clothes and footwear to help you feel supported. 


Here is some advice for finding the best shoes for work.


Have a spare bigger size

As your feet can have a habit of swelling in the afternoon or evening, especially in the third trimester, it's beneficial to have a spare pair of shoes in a bigger size. If you find your shoes are too uncomfortable, it's useful to have a spare pair you can change into. 


Choose a slip on and off style

As your baby grows, you may find it harder to bend down. The simplest tasks like tying your shoe laces can be difficult. With slip on styles, they're easy to put on and you won't need to ask for help from a someone else.


Use removable comfortable insoles

During your pregnancy your weight will change and so will your centre of gravity. To help support your feet and back, make sure your insoles are supportive. At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. our shoes have removable cushioned insoles so you can change them without having to replace the entire shoe. 



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