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4 Reasons Chefs Benefit from Anti-Slip Footwear

Slips, trips and falls are the most common workplace accident in any industry. The restaurant industry is no different and comes with its own unique set of hazards and potential risks. It’s imperative that chefs wear the correct, supportive slip-resistant footwear and here’s why.


The benefits that we’ll cover are:


  1. 1. Reduces Accidents

  2. 2. Repels Oil

  3. 3. Increased Shoe Durability 

  4. 4. Peace of Mind


1. Reduces Accidents


When working in any restaurant kitchen, there’s a higher chance of coming into contact with slippery surfaces caused by water, grease and oils. Kitchens can be extremely hectic places and it isn't always possible to keep an eye out for puddles caused by spilt water or oil sprays.


Slip-resistant shoes are specifically designed to help prevent accidents. Shoes with slip-resistant outsoles have a tread pattern that helps protect against slippery surfaces and reduce your chances of slipping or falling at work.


We recommend Dolce81. Wear these puncture-proof shoes and make sure you’re kept safe during busy shifts. They feature a steel toe to protect your feet from falling objects and a tapered outsole that reduces the risk of trips.




2. Repels Oil


Hot oil is a hazard as splashes can be harmful to your skin and the liquid is a lot more slippery than water. Suffering an injury at work means you will likely have to take time off work to recover. In many cases, you can reduce the chances of suffering an accident by ensuring you're wearing the correct uniform and footwear.


Our shoes feature a SpillGuard made from thicker materials that are designed to repel oils. Any hot oil splashes that land on the shoes won't soak through the material. 


This protects your feet from being splashed with oil that can cause painful burns. 


We recommend Gusto81. The waterproof material ensures no liquids make their way through to your feet, preventing you from any burns or injuries. With Gusto81, you’ll be able to move from surface to surface without slipping and finish your shift without any foot or ankle pain. 



We've covered even more advice on how to pick the perfect pair of slip-resistant work shoes in our guide. Take a sneak peek below!



3. Increased Comfort and Shoe Durability


Chefs often find themselves working long, gruelling hours - all of which are spent on your feet in a high intensity atmosphere. This can take its toll on both your shoes and your health. By working in the wrong shoes that don’t offer the correct support, you can injure your knees and your back.


Combat this by looking for shoes that offer the vital support that your joints need. Specially-designed shoes use innovative technology to enable you to be comfortable on your feet all shift.


In addition, the kitchen can be an unforgiving environment, with liquids and chemicals that can decrease the longevity of your footwear. Invest in high quality safety shoes, such as those featuring SpillGuard technology, as they will last longer than normal shoes, which means they offer more value as well as safety.


We recommend Lungo81. Say goodbye to those joint aches and pains after a series of difficult 12-hour shifts. These puncture-proof shoes keep you safe on your feet, thanks to the steel toes and clog-resistant outsoles, and ensure that you’re able to do the best job possible without worrying about slips or falls. 





4. Peace of Mind


When you're working in a professional kitchen, you're expected to manage many different tasks such as food preparation and timings. A busy working area like this, however, can have many hidden hazards that can cause you or your colleagues harm.


Accidents at work are usually rare. However, when they do happen, you can protect yourself by making sure you're wearing the right footwear. Slip-resistant shoes give you the peace of mind that your footwear actively reduces the chances of slips, trips and falls, and protects your feet from hot oil splashes.


It’s much easier to have an enjoyable and rewarding shift when you’re not worrying about blisters, slipping on wet surfaces or possible shoe punctures. This is why it’s so vital to find the right pair of shoes. Your productivity and performance improves as a result. 


We recommend Volluto81. Walk around the kitchen with full confidence that you won’t end up on the floor with this specially designed pair of chef shoes.



Be Sure You’re Buying the Right Shoes


After reading these four reasons, you should be somewhat clearer on the features to look out for when buying chef footwear. But if you need some further reading and a little more expert information, download our free Buying Guide which contains everything you need to know. 



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