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3 Lightweight Work Shoes That Don’t Look Like Safety Boots

When you need shoes with safety features at work but can't wear heavy duty safety boots, lots of people struggle for options. This is where lightweight work shoes come in. Here are four of our favourites.


Grayson - Men

Sleek and smart, Grayson offers essential safety features like slip-resistance and TripGuard technology in a lightweight, athletic shoe. Hence why they've earned CE and OB certification.


Slip-resistant soles and TripGuard technology ensures that you're less likely to slip or fall while moving between different floor surfaces. New insole technology means that your feet stay supported and feel lighter with every step.

As well as this, the smart, durable leather upper allows you to maintain a professional appearance. The shoe’s exterior has also been treated to repel liquids and is easy to clean.

Ideal for... Front of House

The shoe’s smart yet athletic appearance and safety features make it perfect for wait staff, hotel staff, bar workers and other front of house roles. Slip-resistant soles and TripGuard allow you to move between different floor types with ease and Hoverlite technology gives your feet the support they need.



Atticus - Men

Atticus offers safety technology in a classic, lightweight package. This CE and OB certified shoe will keep you safeguarded from hazards and looking stylish at the same time.


Another shoe to boast slip-resistance and TripGuard to ensure that you’re protected from slips and trips - the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. There’s comfort too. The Hoverlite foam compound is there to keep your feet cushioned and supported for hours. These features ensure you can continue working with a smile.

The sleek leather exterior not only looks smart, but it’s also durable and water resistant - meaning that your feet will be kept dry and the leather won’t be affected.

Ideal for... Front of House

This smart shoe is perfect for any front of house role, such as wait staff, hosts, hotel staff, bar workers and managerial positions.



Karina - Women

Premium materials woven into an athletic look, Karina is one of our lightest shoes. It offers style, comfort and slip-resistance.



CE and OB certified, Gigi promotes slip-resistance with its non-slip soles and a tapered toe to decrease trip hazards. The insole technology, cushion construction and the use of Hoverlite achieves greater comfort - your feet are supported for longer. The insoles are also removable so you can replace them with custom insoles, if necessary.

The exterior materials, including smart, premium leather, are durable and have been treated to repel liquids. Your feet stay dry and your shoes stay looking newer for longer.

Ideal for... Those with Casual Uniforms

This athletic shoe looks trendy yet still gives you safety features. Its stylish appeal makes it perfect for people who work in restaurants, bars, fast food or cleaning roles where uniforms are a little more informal.


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Lightweight work shoes aren’t the only thing you need to know about when researching shoes to keep you safe. Download our catalogue for even more tips and advice on how to buy the perfect shoe for your role.


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