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14 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up the Life of a Professional Chef

Are you even a chef if you don't work long shifts and unsociable hours? Granted, you get paid to do what you love and get to make people happy with your dishes. Here are some memes that truly sum up life as a chef. How many can you relate to?




1. When your boss asks how you're doing after the lunch rush




You're soaked in sweat (or tears, who knows), the whole team's on the floor, begging for mercy (please, no more orders!), and the kitchen's a disgrace but you're all fine. Probably. Whoops, there go your legs. Okay, you're not so fine. 


2. The fact that you're unrecognisable outside of the kitchen




Wait, you have HAIR? 


3. That one customer who always walks in minutes before closing




"Three minutes 'til home time, guys. I repeat, THREE MIN-has she seriously just come in as we're about to shut? Oh, and of course the boss has to give her a table."


*has an internal kicking and screaming tantrum*


4. Weekends? What are weekends?




Weekends are like unicorns - mystical creatures. In fact, we might be more likely to see a unicorn than chefs are to get a weekend off.


5. Thank God it's Monday!






6. Crying in the stock room is vital a step in the chef's rite of passage 




Real chefs cry tears of stress and frustration every now and again. JUST LET THE FLOOD GATES OPEN, GUYS. 


7. They're always watching you...




...even when you think they're not. 


8. That one chef who has to garnish everything




Garnishing a bowl of spaghetti or decorating desserts with flowers is okay but a plate of deep fried chicken wings? Really?


9. Those fancy new ovens get us every time




The hot breeze probably reminds you of the holiday you've not had in about three years because you're always working.


10. To help or not to help...




Honestly, you really do want to help. It's a real moral dilemma.


11. Especially if you're a chef




If you can balance everything and stay sane, you're officially a super human.


12. Quite possibly one of the most stressful moments






13. When the shift is finally over




You're probably faster than Usain Bolt when you're dashing for the door.


14. Being a chef ain't easy. Period.




Back of house staff: the unsung heroes. 


And despite all of the hard work, the fussy customers and nearly getting into fisticuffs with your coworkers on an hourly basis because of the stress getting to all of you, being a chef is totally worth it. 


On a Serious Note, Remember to Stay Safe Throughout Your Shift and Keep Your Offerings Bang on Trend


We hope these silly memes might have entertained you but now it's time to get back to basics. We still want to keep you safe. Being a chef can be fun but it's not all giggles. With all of the dashing about during peak times, you and your kitchen staff are exposed to a myriad of hazards.


Slips, trips and falls are just some of the accidents waiting for you if you aren't wearing the right footwear. The perfect pair of chef's shoes are comfortable, supportive and have slip-resistant soles. 




We don't just care about your safety, we also want to help you truly enjoy what you do and be a success at it. That's why we've taken a look at the emerging trends for 2018 and put them into our new guide.


See what's hot, what's a fad and what's here to stay according the leading voices. You might be surprised...



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