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Why You Should Wear Safety Shoes in a Warehouse

There may be a lot of hazards in the warehouse that can be avoided with the right training and safety precautions. However, one thing that’s commonly overlooked is just how important the right pair of safety shoes can be during those long and tiring shifts. For warehouse work, ordinary footwear won’t do - you need shoes that are both comfortable and safe.


Here’s why you should wear safety shoes in a warehouse.


Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls


Wearing the right pair of safety shoes means you’re more likely to stay on your feet, regardless of the different surfaces throughout the warehouses. 

Normal shoes will leave you more prone to slipping and falling over more. If you find that your shoes don’t fit well either, then they should be replaced as soon as possible.


When researching on which safety shoes to buy, make sure they have slip-resistant outsoles so that you’re less likely to slip and fall on wet floors and experience an injury that can lead to time off work.


Prevent Aches and Pains


A painful shift is never a fun one and in a warehouse, it’s normal to feel sore and tired. Sadly, poor footwear can lead to you developing more serious aches and pains. This can come down to poor ankle or foot support, which can lead to joint pain and if you continue to wear the same shoes, then it can lead to much more serious issues.

Over time, that joint pain can creep up to ankle pain, knees and even your back. Safety shoes can help eliminate that pain and actually make your long shift more comfortable.

This is because safety shoes provide better arch support for your feet so that each step you take in the warehouse is light and easy while keeping you stable to avoid any aches or pains at the end of your shift.

We recommend Elevate81. This style lets you cover more ground in the warehouse with the inclusion of plenty of safety elements from a superior slip-resistant outsole to water resistance and steel toecaps.


Prevent Fatigue


In the warehouse, you’ll be doing a lot of moving around on your feet all day on tough surfaces like concrete. Over long shifts, fatigue can become a real problem as muscles in the feet, legs, back and other parts of your body will grow tired. The situation can only get worse with poor footwear.

Safety shoes that provide adequate cushioning and arch support make it even more comfortable which alleviates the strain on your muscles. It means you’re not tired after minutes of moving around and less fatigued so you’ll be more alert throughout your shift.


Protection From Falling Objects


You might be carrying heavy objects or walking around high racking. In the warehouse, there’s always the chance that heavy objects can fall when you least expect them. Although your head should be protected with a hard hat, your feet are equally as important.

Safety shoes feature protective toecaps which can effectively prevent crushing injuries to your feet. So even if there’s a time where an object does fall on them, your feet will stay protected.


Protection From Punctures, Chemicals and Other Hazards


Safety shoes are needed in a warehouse because there are so many potential hazards around. A sharp object might land on your feet or you might stand on something sharp - both of which can puncture regular footwear and cause damage to your feet.

Safety shoes with heavy-duty materials and soles offer the best protection compared so softer soles and materials which don’t offer enough protection. This also means safety shoes offer protection against chemicals because of the heavy duty materials, electrical hazards and even cutting hazards.

We recommend the Rocket81. With a stylish finish, this safety shoe also boasts plenty of safety elements, including being made from water-resistant outer materials to repel liquids and a puncture-resistant footbed for added safety.


Avoid Sore Feet and Blisters


Finally, poor footwear can lead to sore feet and blisters which not only makes it painful to do even small tasks in the warehouse, but you also may have to take time off work to recover. Blisters and sore feet are caused by friction between your feet in combination with the shoes you’re wearing.

Safety shoes need to fit perfectly so that you have the comfort and stability to prevent any foot problems from developing. This way, you can stay on your feet throughout the shifts without moving about in agony.

By purchasing safety shoes for your warehouse shifts, not only will you be safer and more comfortable by avoiding injuries but you’ll also have much happier shifts.


Take The First Step Towards Understanding the Impact of Warehouse Safety


When it comes to warehouse safety, safety shoes are just one part of the wider picture. There’s a lot more to consider, from the effects hazards can have on your body to accident statistics.

Stay in the know by downloading our free eBook on warehouse safety standards. It’s packed full of useful information about how you can stay safe in the warehouse, how to deal with injuries and the importance of safety shoes.

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