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What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Safety Shoes


When it comes to buying kitchen shoes, it’s important that you choose the right ones. There are two main types: kitchen shoes and kitchen safety shoes. What’s the difference? It depends on the specific job role and the occupational hazards the team might face. Here’s what they are and what you need to look out for when buying kitchen safety shoes.



1. Slip Resistance

Substances like oil, grease, water, soap and food are often seen spilled on the floors of busy kitchens. These can easily cause slips, trips and falls. That’s why you need to wear slip-resistant shoes.

We recommend Condor Women. The slip-resistant sole, padded feel and SpillGuard protection make this a great, easy-to-clean and lightweight shoe.



2. Oil & Liquid-Resistance

Hot oils and liquids can cause serious injuries to your feet that could leave you out of action for quite some time. Scalding hot oil is often the cause of severe burns so oil-resistant safety shoes are a must.

It’s not just hot liquids - cold liquids such as water can be a nuisance too. For example, if water finds its way into your shoes, it can leave you with soggy feet for the rest of your shift. Not only does this feel unpleasant, but it can cause your shoes to rub and blisters to form. This is obviously the last thing you need when you’re on your feet for 12 hours a day.

We recommend Liberty. Fitted with Spill Guard technology that acts as a protective membrane against hot liquids, this shoe will shield your feet from spills and protect the exterior materials from wearing away as a result.



3. Comfort

Not only are your shifts long, you’re also on your feet for the majority (if not all) of the time. If you aren’t wearing the correct kitchen safety shoes, your joints, back and feet can all start to cause problems.

Look for shoes that provide arch supports, along with cushioned heels for the extra support you need during those gruelling days at work. Ventilation can help with comforto by reducing sweat and the likelihood of blisters forming.

We recommend Rocket. The extra cushioning will keep your feet comfortable even after the most tiring of shifts.



4. Extra Protection

Dependant upon your role in the kitchen, you can gauge how much extra protection you need. A butcher or a head chef will need kitchen safety shoes that are designed with puncture resistance and steel toe cap protection in mind.

A sharp knife could easily be dropped on your foot when chopping something in a hurry. A puncture-resistant safety shoe with toe caps could be the difference between finishing your shift or hurrying to hospital with your toe on ice.

We recommend Dolce 81. Designed with pierce resistance and steel toe cap protection, this S3 certified shoe will protect your feet from falling knives to the heaviest pots and pans.

Dolce 81 also comes with additional safety features such as Trip Guard technology to decrease trip hazards when moving between different floor types and clog-resistant soles to prevent debris from getting lodged in the outsoles.


5. Easy to Clean

Hygiene is important in a kitchen - you’ll know that already. But it’s not just about cross-contamination, using disposable gloves and frequently washing your hands. Working in dirty shoes is bad practice and a way of exposing unwanted bacteria near to your food.

We recommend Volluto 81. The waterproof material makes these S3 certified shoes easy to wipe clean which is ideal for busy kitchen workers.



6. Presentation

Although this depends on how much customer exposure you’re going to be facing, you still need to look professional. If you look scruffy or dirty, then customers aren’t going to be rushing back.

You need to nail that first impression and that’s often made by the clothes you’re wearing. This includes the shoes you have on. After all, as the old saying goes, “you can always tell a man by his shoes.”

We recommend Freestyle II. The stylish design of these kitchen safety shoes will go with the majority of uniforms and are bound to leave nothing but a good impression. Plus, this non slip shoe also comes with safety features such as being made of waterproof material and Trip Guard technology to decrease trip hazards when you’re navigating between different floor surfaces.



7. Lace Ups or Slip Ons?

Laces can be seen as an unnecessary trip hazard, but this all depends on how much rushing around and walking you’re going to be doing throughout your shift. In a busier establishment, we’d recommend slip ons but there are plenty of lace up options that are more than adequate to kit your team out in.

We recommend Zinc. These extra light and durable shoes are made from a durable EVA material. They're water-resistant with a slip-resistant outsole.



Ensure You Buy the Right Kitchen Safety Shoes

If you’re still unsure of what shoe is right for you, don’t worry. We’ve got a guide that covers everything you need to know about our full range of kitchen safety shoes. Download it below and make sure you’re 100 percent certain before purchasing.

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