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What Should be Included in a Front of House Uniform?

Just like housekeeping staff, you’re also effectively the face of the hotel business. You’re the first person that guests see when they arrive and the last before they leave, so the impression you give them is vital and can last a lifetime. This, along with how you speak to guests, can do all the talking and can be enough for them to make their judgment on the hotel as a whole.


So, here’s what should be included in a front of house uniform.




Safety and comfort shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to footwear. It’s important that your appearance is smart and professional as you’ll often be the first friendly faces your guests encounter. So, your hotel shoes should match your uniform and help you look polished.

In a hotel, regardless of the role you’re in, time is of the essence. You need to fulfil guests’ requests as quickly as possible to reduce any delay.


However, you still need to stay professional but it can be challenging if you’re not sufficiently protected from any potential slip hazards.

Along with styles that match your hotel uniform, look for safety elements that will keep you comfortable on your feet throughout your shifts. Think about shoes that have met relevant safety standards and have been certified.


For example, waterproof leather uppers made from durable materials, removable and cushioned insoles for added comfort and also slip-resistance so you’re never in any potential danger when moving around from surface to surface.



Aristocrat III Envy III

We recommend Aristocrat III for men. This stylish, smart Oxford shoe is both CE and OB certified and also features a waterproof leather upper. With its removable, cushioned insole, steel shank and slip-resistant soles, you get the perfect combination of style, comfort and safety.

For women, we’d recommend Envy III. Like the Aristocrat III style, it’s both CE and OB certified, features a waterproof leather upper, has a removable cushioned insole and also includes slip-resistant soles.


You also get the added benefit of the TripGuard feature, a shock absorbing rubber heel and a smart, tailored design to top it all off.




In a front of house role, professionalism is key so you should look to avoid a casual dress code and adopt a more formal uniform that reflects positively on the hotel.  


When you wear a professional-looking uniform, you achieve a smart, classy and professional look every day. You and the rest of your team stand out and leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers.


Plus, it can provide you with enough comfort to help you do your job to the best of your abilities and boost your morale.

Think along the line of suits and elegant dresses in bold colours that match the colour scheme and branding of the hotel to achieve a contemporary look and style. Some uniform options to consider include:

  • 1. Suit with crisp, cotton shirts.

  • 2. Modern fit blazers and trousers.

  • 3. Stylish dresses and blouses.

  • 4. Waistcoats.

  • 5. Neck scarves and ties.

  • 6. Professional, stylish, safe and durable shoes.

By keeping uniforms consistent among all of the front of house staff, you’ll all look more sophisticated and leave a brilliant impression. However, whichever uniform you’re wearing, make sure they’re made from high-quality materials so they don’t need replacing often, especially if you’re doing a handful of different tasks.


Safety Considerations


As highlighted, safer options made from durable materials can help keep you out of any potential danger and let you continue working your shifts both safely and comfortably.

Big hazards you could potentially face include wet and hard floors. Entrance lobbies and other communal areas can be a slip hazard for many periods in the year, primarily when guests enter the hotel after wet conditions outside.

Then there’s the physical strain that poor footwear can potentially have on your feet and back. With minimal or no support, you can be left with aches or injuries which can possibly affect your mood and health.

At Shoes For Crews (Europe), our range of stylish and professional front of house shoes look good and have comfortable and supportive insoles that are designed to keep you going all day. You can avoid the risks of slipping and tripping when walking between different types of floor services as our slip-resistant footwear is designed to you safe and upright on all surfaces.

Find Your Sole Mate in Our Dedicated Catalogue


The right pair of shoes can make or break the impression you give in a front of house role.

To help you pick the perfect pair of smart, stylish, safe and comfortable shoes, download your free copy of our catalogue where you can read more about all of the safety elements to make your decision much easier.

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