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What Should Be Included in a Concierge Uniform?

When you’re tending to guests, it’s important to look smart and presentable. Often you are the first point of contact and this initial impression could be the difference between a positive review or a mediocre one.



What you wear can have a powerful effect on how guests think, feel and act towards you. Your uniform assists you in providing excellent service but what exactly is included in a concierge uniform?


  • Name Tag

  • Dress Code

  • Casual vs Formal

  • The Basics

  • Maintenance


Name Tag


All employees should have uniforms and name tags, not just for safety reasons but to establish some form of trust with your guests. Instead of just being the concierge at the front desk, you’re a person they can recognise and refer to by name.

Studies have shown that communication is strengthened between people if they know each other's name. Guests sometimes like to ask questions, give praise or file complaints. However, they may be intimidated by the fact that they don’t know the names of the staff who have been assisting them.

Name tags make people like concierges easier to approach, allowing your hotel to seem friendlier and more transparent.


Dress Code


Ever wonder why the manager insists on a certain dress code? A well-dressed concierge can instantly make an establishment seem more reputable and credible. Even if the reviews are excellent, a guest might feel dubious if the photos show the establishment and staff looking unkempt and untidy.


Every hotel’s dress code will be different but you and the entire hotel staff giving a united, professional, first impression makes sure every guest’s stay starts on a positive note.


Casual vs Formal


Whether you should be running out to buy a tie depends on the hotel, the surrounding and overall vibe of where you work. However, most places will adhere to a smart dress code throughout the staff, some places may even have different styles to symbolise different job roles and authority.

A trick is to imagine yourself as the guest walking into the lobby for the first time, would you be impressed with how the staff are dressed?


The Basics


A good place to start is smart shoes. There’s no point in having the correct clothing and then throwing on a pair of casual trainers. Despite what you might think, your guests will notice what you're wearing on your feet. So, invest in a good pair of shoes that will not only be comfortable but look professional.

Sometimes your job can be demanding, especially when you’re dealing with multiple requests at one time that require you to go to each end of the hotel. Without the right footwear, it can begin to take its toll on your feet.

Then there are the various safety hazards in a hotel which can lead to slips and trips.


Knowing how to choose the right shoes for your front desk role can be difficult. But, you need a pair that look professional, and are comfortable and slip-resistant so you can stay upright on your feet at all times.



We recommend Senator. This classic, tailored shoe delivers no matter what your work ambitions are and would make a great addition to your concierge uniform. With added safety features like slip-resistant soles and a cushioned footboard, you’re able to navigate around the hotel in safety and style.


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You’ll most likely be responsible for keeping your own uniform clean and free of any creases and stains. Taking a look at the care label will reveal a lot about the fabric, how delicate it is and how to properly clean it.

White shirts come in many varieties but they all have one thing in common: They all need to look impeccably bright in order to impress. So, always remember to wash whites separately from darks to avoid grey shirts.

Shoes must be clean and polished. Poor materials like cheaper imitation leathers will fail to shine the way high-quality alternatives do. Durability is something to consider when purchasing a pair. Do you really want to be replacing your shoes every three months? Footwear from the high street might seem like a cheap and easy fix but in the long run, it's not a sustainable option.


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There are many things that go into giving your guests the best experience but being comfortable and happy to help in your job makes the difference.

Take a look at what we have to offer regarding innovative footwear for the workplace. From front of house staff to chefs, there’s a pair for any role to help enhance your service.


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