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FLASH SALE! Get 15% off all styles! Use code SALE15 at checkout! Hurry! Offer valid for 2 days only from 26th to 27th February!


What kind of shoes do doctors wear for work?

When working in a hospital, you'll quickly realise how much pain and stress your feet go through on a daily basis. This is why it's so important to find the best footwear. As a doctor, your shoes need to be able to support you in all areas of your job. If you're wondering, "What kind of shoes do doctors wear for work?" then it's imperative you find healthcare shoes that have these key qualities to help defend you from sores and aches.






Water Resistant Or Waterproof

Your shoes can often be a target for bodily fluids. Wearing water resistant (or waterproof) shoes protects your feet from getting wet. You can also clean your shoes during your shift and wear them again. Some styles of footwear are out-of-action for days when they've been washed in the sink because you have to wait for them to dry out properly but that's not the case with water resistant shoes. 


To find out if shoes are water resistant, have a look at the labels which should be visible on the online product page.


Comfortable Insoles

If you ask anyone, 'What kind of shoes do doctors wear?' it's likely many of the responses will be: comfortable ones. Doctors and nurses are expected to be on their feet for most of their shift. So, it's key they have comfortable footwear.


Having shoes that have removable insoles are the best choice. Over time the insoles in your shoes will wear away, and instead of having to replace the entire shoe, you can simply replace the insoles.   



Supportive Arch

While it's important to wear shoes that are comfortable, they must also be supportive. Shoes with strong arch support helps to support and protect your feet suffering from excess strain on your heels. The weight of your body is balanced upon your entire foot instead of focused only on your heels.


Walking thousands of steps on every shift puts your feet at risk of chronic foot conditions like plantar fasciitis but wearing supportive footwear helps defend your feet from developing painful problems. 



Good Tip - Slip On And Off Feature


Zinc comfortable EVA clog that can be easily slipped off and on


It's not a must but having healthcare shoes that can be easily slipped on and off is a big plus. To keep up with hygiene standards, you have to clean your shoes regularly so it's easier if you can slip your shoes off without having to touch them. Also, it makes life so much easier when you want to just crawl into bed after you've finished your shift.




As we've already stressed, you put your shoes through a lot of mileage. If you have to replace your work shoes after every couple of months, it's going to be an expensive cost.


Choosing shoes made from high quality materials and that are designed for the working environment are so much better than casual trainers. You can trust the fact durable shoes will last longer and you don't have to spend your monthly wage on buying replacements shoes.




Having lightweight shoes reduces the amount of stress on your feet and ankles. If you've worn heavy boots or wellingtons, you'll already know the difference in weight they are compared to trainers.


For all healthcare staff, choosing a lightweight option helps to reduce sore aches at the end of your shift.



Slip-resistant Grip

Finally, and perhaps the most important feature to have in your work shoes. Slip-resistant grip is vital when working on slippery surfaces like hospital floors. When you're on your feet as much as you are, it's a necessity that your shoes have effective grip to significantly reduce the possibility of you suffering a slip, trip or fall at work.  


When looking for healthcare shoes with slip-resistant grip, it's important to find out what their HSL Grip Rating is. This rating will prove how effective they are on wet and slippery floors.


At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. our slip-resistant work shoes have a 5-star rating which is the highest grade you can achieve.



Slip-resistant work shoes for doctors

Finding work shoes that have all these features doesn't have to be difficult. Visit our shop to see all our healthcare styles:






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