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What Kind of Shoes Do Bartenders Wear?

As a bartender, you play a major role in the customer's experience. From the small talk you make to engage guests, to the creation of thirst-quenching drinks, you have a lot of responsibilities. Not to mention the constant moving around, staying on your feet and repetitive motions. The repeated tasks and long hours can add up - having potentially damaging effects on your feet.



To work around potential hazards while staying safe and comfortable throughout your exhaustive shifts, here are the kind of shoes that bartenders should wear and the features to look out for:




Wearing the wrong pair of shoes behind the bar can lead to you potentially slipping and sliding all over the place. It only takes one unfortunate fall to cause a possibly serious injury that keeps you off work. So, look for bartender shoes that have slip-resistance features to keep you on your feet at all times.

When looking for bartender shoes, look for a pair which have been created using slip-resistant outsoles. A good indication of this is seeing if the shoes have been awarded safety certificates - such as CE and OB certifications.

Spirit II combines two innovative features to keep you standing during those long hours. A slip-resistant outsole and the inclusion of TripGuard will keep you on your feet as you move around the busy bar. Plus, several traction patterns have been used so you’re safe on any floor type.




As a bartender, there’s nothing worse than walking through puddles of spilled liquids. It’s common in this job role and sometimes difficult to avoid. Having to deal with the squelching sounds of your wet socks and feet can lead to an incredibly uncomfortable shift and the potential risk of blisters.


When finding suitable bartender shoes, another important feature to look for is water-resistance. A bartender shoe that features waterproof materials will ensure that it’s been specially treated to repel liquids.


Thankfully, you’re not limited to waterproof options. For example, Liberty is just one of the many styles for bar staff that’s proven to be water-resistant. Whatever is spilt, your feet will be kept nice and dry thanks to the liquid-repellent materials.



Although both comfort and style might be important to you, you don’t need to give up one or the other entirely. Being on your feet all night, moving around in a fast-paced environment and fulfilling endless customer requests are all common. The last thing you want to worry about is potentially sore feet, backache or even long-term health issues.


When looking for comfortable bartender styles, look at the materials used. Even small additions like extra cushioning can make a huge difference.


Mavi Black offers the perfect heel counter for support and stability. It offers superior comfort with gel insoles for fit and cushioning, it maintains the innovative slip and water-resistant technology while the three-hole arch ventilation will keep you cool - even when it gets hot at work.



One factor that’s commonly overlooked is how quickly the bar can become a hot place to work. Constantly moving around and staying on your feet without a break can lead to sweaty and uncomfortable feet - especially without effective ventilation.


When looking for suitable bartender shoes, find a pair with breathable materials so that they keep your feet cool, no matter how chaotic the bar is.


For men, Condor includes carefully-placed mesh panels to help heat escape so that your feet don’t overheat. And for women, Revolution II is another breathable shoe which is also comfortable, safe and slip-resistant.




You don’t need to give up the style for the sake of having comfortable and safe shoes behind the bar. Believe it or not, there are bartender styles available that look good.


Whether you need to look professional or fit in with the bar’s relaxed vibe, there are bar staff styles that include the innovative features we’ve mentioned above to keep you safe, while still looking great.


If you want to give the perfect first impression, Cambridge is comfortable, stylish and sophisticated. Or if you’re working in a laid-back atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with Old School Low Rider IV. It’s based on a classic sneaker look but with all of the added features to keep your feet happy.



Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in the perfect bartender shoes,
it’s the perfect time to see what else you can do to enjoy a long and successful career.


Find Out How You Can Succeed as a Bartender in Five Easy Steps…


Often overlooked, bartender shoes play a big role in helping you stay safe and comfortable at work. However, there are still some other aspects to consider which will help you grow in your career and become much better in your role.


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