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What are the Most Comfortable Safety Shoes for Work?

Safety shoes are designed to protect your feet from the hazards you might encounter at work. That doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. If you’re on your feet for hours at a time, you need to find footwear that keeps your feet safe and comfortable at all times. Here are a few suggestions.




Roma81 allows you to cover more ground without having to worry about slips, trips and falls. The steel toe protects your feet from any falling objects that would otherwise lead to injury. If you wear shoes that don’t have a steel toe feature, you could sustain a foot injury that would prevent you from working. 


In addition to the steel toe, Roma81 is designed with a slip-resistant outsole that keeps you on your feet as you move between different floor surfaces. Like with falling objects, slips and trips at work can cause serious injuries that would leave you unable to work. With Roma81, you can focus on working hard without having to worry about potential slips. 


Roma81 is designed to be comfortable and protect your feet. The natural fit and soft material ensure that each step is as comfortable as the last.


Cambridge S/T


Cambridge S/T is ideal for a role that requires a professional-looking safety shoe. It’s durable, dependable and appropriate if your role is customer-facing. It also features a steel toe that will protect your feet from anything that might accidentally be dropped or knocked off a surface. 


The slip-resistant outsole reduces slips due to wet surfaces and keeps you on your feet no matter how hectic your day is. This makes it perfect for anyone that’s working in a busy environment like a restaurant, kitchen or hotel


The synthetic upper and removable cushioned insole keep your feet dry and comfortable while working. Cambridge S/T allows you to focus on doing the best job possible without having to deal with uncomfortable shoes.


Stratton III


Waterproof, slip-resistant and ready for any challenge, Stratton III is the perfect safety shoe to wear at work. It’s been created with materials that are specially treated to repel water so they’re ideal for anyone that has to deal with changing weather conditions. 


The TripGuard feature decreases the chance of slips and trips as you move around. Plus, the clog-resistant outsole means that liquids and debris don’t gather and prevent the slip-resistant material from working. 


Stratton III is slip-resistant, waterproof and comfortable too. Even during long and tiring days, Stratton III keeps you feeling happy and energetic.




Lungo81 gives your feet the support and protection you need to give your best performance at work. If you choose a cheaper alternative footwear, you might find that your feet start to ache towards the end of your shift.


That isn’t a problem with Lungo81 thanks to the comfort and support it offers. The tapered outsole minimises the risk of tripping while the waterproof material ensures your feet stay dry at all times. 


The material used is easy to clean and repels liquids so you’ll always look professional at the start of each shift.


Tillman III CT


Tillman III CT’s leather upper encases your foot above the sole, providing comfort and support while you work. The TripGuard keeps you on your feet while you work, reducing slips and trips that are common in many workplaces. 


Tillman III CT is a safety shoe that’s perfect for anyone who might be worried about possible injuries. It received S2 certification thanks to its many safety features, including a composite toe cap and a clog-resistant outsole.


These shoes give you the confidence to work hard without having to think about possible hazards that could cause accidents. You’ll be wearing safety shoes that won’t slow you down. 


These are just a few suggestions for comfortable safety shoes to wear at work. All of them are suitable for a range of physical job roles and offer both comfort and protection that high street alternatives can’t. 


Think about the footwear you currently wear for work. Do they feature a steel or composite toe? Are they designed with slip-resistant outsoles to keep you on your feet? Are your feet sore and aching at the end of the day? The answers to these questions might lead you to the conclusion that it’s time to get the right pair of safety shoes for work.


Use Our Buying Guide to Find Your Next Pair of Safety Shoes


We’ve created a buying guide that considers your job role and sector to help you find the perfect pair of safety shoes.


Any of our specially designed safety shoes will keep your feet safe and protected. The same can’t be said for your favourite pair of trainers. They might look good and be very comfortable, but they won’t protect your toes from a heavy falling item. Plus, you’ll need to replace them much sooner than a pair from Shoes For Crews. 


Download our buying guide now using the link below and find the perfect safety shoes that are as comfortable as they are safe. 


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