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We are attending the Preventica Trade Show

Next month Shoes For Crews will be attending the Preventica Trade Show in Lyon. From 13 to the 15 October the No. 1 safety and health exhibition in France will be visited by companies from all around the world sharing their safety expertise.


The Preventica Trade Show is highly regarded in the safety industry for showcasing the latest and most exciting products and services available. We’re excited to be a part of it and see what other companies have created to benefit safety in the workplace.


You will be able to find us at Stand I10!


You can have a look and try out our slip resistant footwear. Our shoes are worn by workers in restaurants, factories, construction sites and other demanding workplaces with high potential risks. If you are looking for steel toe shoes or waterproof boots for work, we have them! At the trade event we can show you what strides we have made to protect workers’ feet.


1. Preventica Trade Show in Lyon

2. Shoes For Crews goes to Preventica





Preventica Trade Show in Lyon

The trade show is a must-visit event for all businesses who value health and safety at work.


For the last fifteen years the trade show has been hosted twice a year in various locations all around France. This year, the event will be held in the historic city of Lyon.


Every year many companies take the opportunity to introduce their new products and showcase their most popular. Once again Preventica promises to be a fun and exciting event for all those who attend.


Here are some of the products and services the trade show will be presenting this year:

  • Protective clothing
  • Security software
  • Office equipment
  • Safety shoes
  • Video and online surveillance programmes
  • Construction safety gear

Shoes For Crews goes to Preventica

As we sell an extensive range of safety shoes worn by many different workforces, the Preventica show is an important event for us to attend. Just like the other exhibitions there, the trade show gives us the opportunity to show our selections of protective footwear.


Finding the right shoes for work can be difficult but they are the most important shoes you will have to wear as you are wearing them five days a week. Our shoes are bought by individuals or for employees who work in demanding environments.


Our slip resistant shoes are designed to prevent accidents and injuries. We have created durable and protective shoes that are highly regarded in the safety industry.


We have a strong commitment to creating shoes that are comfortable and stylish for the wearer and to protect them from possible risks. We look forward to attending Preventica this year and we can’t wait to see what other companies have created to help prevent workplace injuries.


Remember to say hello at Stand I10!


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Are you attending the Preventica trade show in Lyon? Tell us what you are looking forward to see in the comments below.

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