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Want work shoes that last? 5 steps to work shoe immortality

Finding work shoes that last longer than three months is easy when you buy quality shoes and look after them properly. We've created a step-by-step guide so you can get the best out of your work shoes, to help you save from buying several pairs every year.



1) Pick the right shoes for your job

This seems obvious, but this is where many people go wrong. Wearing your favourite high street shoes to work isn't appropriate. They may look good but they aren't designed for the demands of your job role. Work shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of your job.


  • Chefs need work shoes that can be easily cleaned and have a slip-resistant grip. As they work in a kitchen, they will often walk on wet and slippery floors so they need shoes with effective tread
  • As waiters are expected to be active and work long hours on their feet, they need to wear lightweight shoes with slip resistance grip. 

If you're not sure which shoes are the best for your job, have a go on our free decision tree to discover which type of shoes you need for work. It only takes 30 seconds.



2) Invest in quality

It's understandable you don't want to spend lots on a pair of work shoes but there are many negatives to being cheap with your shoes. 

  • They can be harmful to your feet and your health
  • They don't last long
  • You will have to replace them more often

It's cheaper to buy one pair of high quality shoes every 6-12 months rather than replacing your work shoes every few months. 


Look at the overall quality of the work shoes you want to buy. Do they meet all the requirements you need for your work shoes?


Example questions you need to be asking:


Before you buy, it helps if you can see all the technical features of the shoes, to make sure your chosen pair of work shoes are the best for you and your job. 


At Shoes For Crews Europe Ltd, we have a technical library which is filled with all the specifications of our shoes. You can check our shoes meet all your criteria before you go to checkout. 




3) Give regular maintenance

Once you've found and bought your new work shoes, you can make them last longer by giving them regular maintenance. Just spending five minutes a week cleaning your work shoes can help increase their longevity. 

Leaving dirt on your shoes can erode the material and permanently discolour your shoes. If you notice any dirt, use a clean damp cloth to clean it.


Leather shoes should be polished, this keeps them looking smart and also protects them against bad weather. 



4) Swap out your insoles

Not many people do this but one of the best ways to get the most out of your shoes is to swap out your insoles when they get worn. Overworn insoles will eventually degrade the arch support of your shoes, which degrades the effectiveness of your shoes.


The interior of your work shoes are just as important as the exterior, as they are designed to support you and your feet. When you feel your insoles getting uncomfortable, swap them for a new pair. Your feet will appreciate the support and your shoes will last longer.



5) Dry them properly

Don't put wet shoes on the radiator


If your shoes got wet at work or you suffered a spell of rain on the way home, it's important to dry your shoes properly. Resist the natural instinct to put them in front of the heater.


The heat dries the shoes too quickly and this can damage the material, especially if the shoes are made of leather.


Get some newspaper and stuff it inside, the paper will soak up the moisture and help the shoes dry naturally. If your work shoes aren't waterproof then you need to avoid getting them wet as this can decrease their lifespan. 



The secret to longer lasting shoes... invest in high quality footwear

At Shoes For Crews Europe Ltd, we specialise in slip-resistant work shoes that are worn by many different types of work crews. Visit our shop to see the wide selection of shoes we have on offer:





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