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The Best Waiter Shoes and What Features You Need to Look for

As a waiter, you’ll find yourself on your feet for most of your shift. Not only are you expected to dash around from table to kitchen and back, but those shifts are often long. It’s no wonder you’re left with sore feet and an aching back after a heavy weekend shift. That’s why you should invest in proper waiter shoes that offer comfort, support and still look stylish. Here are our top picks and the features you should look out for.


When you’re buying waiter shoes, look out for:

While you’re searching for that perfect shoe, keep these tips in mind:

  • If you’re buying your shoes online, check reviews and the shoe’s safety certifications.
  • Check that the shoes meet your job’s uniform requirements.


Supportive Cushioning

When you’re on your feet for hours at a time, it can take its toll. For example, your toes might be aching, the balls of your feet are burning, your arch is sore and the back of your foot is tender from rubbing against your shoe all shift.

Look out for shoes that offer superior cushioning features to provide arch and heel support so you can walk comfortably throughout your shift.

We recommend:


The Grayson - a lightweight shoe with slip-resistant Flex Tread and Hoverlite technology.

The Grayson features Hoverlite technology, a lightweight foam which makes each step feel lighter, and a removable cushioned insole for arch support.



Slip-Resistant Soles

If you’re going to carry out all of your tasks efficiently and safely with a friendly smile on your face, you’re going to need non-slip shoes. Spillages are commonplace in restaurants and you don’t want to work, terrified that you’ll slip.

We recommend:


The Senator- smart style, comfort and superior safety.

The smart-looking Senator which features a cushioned footboard for additional comfort and slip-resistant soles to keep you working safely.



Look for shoes that are well-ventilated to avoid any odours and help reduce sweating that may cause rubbing and blisters.

We recommend:


The Endurance - sporty but serious with ventilation panels to keep your feet cool.

The sporty Wes features mesh panels to keep your feet cool no matter how busy and stressed you are.


Liquid Resistance

Spillages happen all the time in restaurants. Hot liquids can obviously cause serious injuries but even water can cause blisters or, at the very least, leave you with uncomfortably soggy feet for hours. That’s why you need shoes that shield your feet from liquids.

We recommend:


The Delray - a popular style with water resistance to repel liquids.

The Delray has been treated to repel water and leave you safe, comfortable and stylish while getting on with your job.


Trip Guard

When you’re rushing around, it’s easy to trip over items - real and imaginary. Reduce this risk by choosing shoes with our Trip Guard technology.

We recommend:


The Freestyle II - a simple shoe with slip-resistant soles and Trip Guard technology so you can move easily between floors without tripping.

The Freestyle II is a fun, sporty style with removable insoles, water-resistant exteriors and a tapered toe so you can move smoothly between different floor types without tripping or slipping.



Their Certifications

The EU has some of the strictest health and safety rules in place to safeguard people from accidents and injuries in the workplace. Try and choose a waiter shoe with specific certifications, such as CE Certified. It’ll ensure that you’re exposed to the least amount of risks while you work.

We recommend:


The Cambridge (Steel Toe) - a hard wearing shoe that you can depend on to keep you safe and comfortable.

The Cambridge (Steel Toe) is a durable safety shoe that looks smart and keeps you safe. CE and S2 Certified, it offers slip resistance, steel toe caps, energy absorbing seat area and more.

Durable Exterior

It’s not just your feet that take a toll from rushing around all day - your shoes do too. That’s why you need to invest in good quality waiter shoes made from durable materials. You don’t want to have to keep replacing your shoes because they’ve become worn out. Again.

We recommend:


The Executive Wing Tip III- a smart shoe that'll keep you looking good and staying safe, whether you're front or back of house.

The Executive Wing Tip III which is not only CE and OB Certified, but its leather exterior are hard wearing and will last for long periods of time - even in harsh conditions.



Want More Tips on How to Pick the Ideal Waiter Shoes?

When you’re looking for the ideal waiter shoes, don’t make the common mistake of buying safety shoes that aren’t designed for your job. There are plenty of safety shoes designed with waiters in mind which also look smart and stylish.

For more tips and advice on how to choose the right safety shoes for your role as a waiter, check out our catalogue. 



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