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The best shoes for waiters, what could possibly go wrong?

The right size, supreme comfort, ultimate grip and style; this is the wish list when looking to buy the right pair of shoes for a waiter. We've highlighted the key considerations you'll need to think about before buying your first pair of slip resistant work shoes.





Don't be a clown, get your sizing right.


Size is everything – at least in shoes. The wrong size can lead to all sorts of disasters. Apart from looking like a clown, overly large shoes can cause problems with your spatial awareness. Your feet will think they are far from the chair leg whilst in actual fact you are about to trip over it (and the person on it). Oh, and did we mention a tray full of drinks would also fly through the air and land on a customer? Well now you know. Similarly, shoes that are too small can make you walk like your thighs have been glued together. This will also cause long-term damage to your feet, backache and a dreadful odour at the end of the shift – and it won’t be the Stilton from the kitchen!


Function over form.


So you want to go to work in your trainers? Generally ok if they’re in-keeping with the uniform, but in short, they won’t stand the test of time – not in the long-term comfort stakes at least. At best you’ll look out of place if they don’t complement your usual business attire, at worst you’ll be hobbling home after a long shift. Our advice would be to source the best style that suits you in your work environment. Smart practicality wins the day – and approval from your feet.


Born slippy.


A nice pair of ice skates should do the trick. Oh no, wait a moment… you’re a waiter so the last thing you need is a gripless wonder. You’re walking from table, to kitchen, to bar, to table, to bar, to concierge, to kitchen. You literally never stop walking. Sometimes it’s on hard shiny floors, sometimes wool carpet, sometimes fibre, sometimes vinyl – but always quickly. You can slip on any of these surfaces and worse if there’s a spillage. So get a grip – and get a sole with slip resistance built in. You’ll be quicker, more accurate, confident and safer. This is fundamental when looking for the best shoes for waiters.





It all adds up.


Just think, and we’ve quoted this before, in a normal working day the working foot can travel up to 15 miles, so if you work three shifts a week, in a month you could have walked the distance between London and Manchester. How long do you think a cheap pair of shoes will last with that sort of mileage? Moreover, how long do you think you would last if those shoes were inferior inside as well as outside? Your feet deserve more. So buy them a pair of durable shoes they can have a lasting and loving relationship with.


Waiters... you don’t have to wait.


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