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The Best Lightweight Work Shoes From Shoes For Crews

Shoes that keep you safe at work don’t have to be large and heavy, they can be sleek, light and sophisticated but still have lots of features and benefits.


To help protect you from potential hazards in your role, here are the best lightweight work shoes we offer here at Shoes For Crews:


Radium: Chefs and Kitchen Workers


When working in the kitchen, there’s the potential for injury, just like in any other workplace. Substances like oils and sauces can become slipping hazards, sharp objects like knives present potential opportunities for injuries and standing up all day can take a toll on your body.

Our lightweight Radium is made from durable foam compound EVA material, which is water-resistant. Perfect if anything spills in the kitchen. It features a removable cushioned insole for additional support and the simple style has a tapered outsole which makes moving around the kitchen simple.



Cambridge & Mary Jane II: Waitress, Waiter and Front of House Staff


Workers in the busy hospitality industry know how important it is to adapt to change in the workplace. Whether it’s requests from your customers or clearing plates away to the kitchen, you need to be prepared to do tasks outside of your general duties sometimes. Your shoes need to be as versatile as your role.



As you’re in a customer-facing role, you need to look presentable. Cambridge is a durable and dependable shoe in a professional style, perfect for roles that require comfort but also sophistication. 


A feminine alternative is Mary Jane II, a classic water-resistant leather shoe with an adjustable strap for added comfort.


And of course, both shoes feature slip-resistant outsoles to protect hospitality workers from slip and trip hazards.


Karina: Housekeeping


Housekeeping is a physically demanding job, especially if you’re not wearing the right uniform. Besides the possible risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and exposure to chemicals, there’s also an increased potential for trips as you might work with slippery surfaces from cleaning.


Plus, you’ll be moving from different floor types so you need lightweight slip-resistant footwear that’s practical for all surfaces.



Karina is a practical slip-on shoe designed for comfort and safety. The easy lacing system ensures you don’t need to worry about tripping over laces, and the slip-resistant outsoles and FlexTread technology means you can be confident when navigating around the hotel.


Old School Low-Rider IV: Bartending 


As a bartender, you play a large role in the customer’s experience at the bar. You move around a lot, make complicated drinks orders and are at risk of potential injuries every day. Smashed glass is one thing, but blisters and poor arch support can have long-lasting damage on your feet.


Without the right pair of shoes, you risk providing less-than-perfect service to customers.



Old School Low-Rider IV is a more casual style of work shoe. It has a minimalistic sneaker silhouette but has lots of benefits that you wouldn’t get with a high street alternative. Although it has a double-thick insole with deep cushioning, it’s still one of the best lightweight work shoes. It’s water and slip-resistant too, which is essential for making your bartending shift easier.


Condor: Nursing and Healthcare


When working long hours in the healthcare industry, you're vulnerable to sore feet. As you frequently have to get from one side of the hospital to the next, you need durable and lightweight footwear that won’t slow you down.



Condor features mesh ventilation, leather support construction and a padded collar, so you can attend to patients without a worry. It’s ideal for healthcare professionals who need comfort on the go. It’s also slip-resistant and has SpillGuard protection, making it easy to clean and keeps you safe throughout your shift. 


At Shoes For Crews, we understand you need shoes which suit you and your style and safety needs, but you also want to feel comfortable knowing they’re appropriate for your job. Although we’ve given examples of roles that these shoes would be ideal for, it’s really up to you. We provide a wide range, so finding your solemate is simple.


Need Some Help Finding The Right Lightweight Work Shoes For You?


Your footwear plays a large role in your daily working life, so it’s important to find the right pair. Shifts will become easier, safer and more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about blisters or slipping.


Here at Shoes For Crews, we’re experienced in supplying the most innovative shoes for work. Take a look at our other styles and specifications to find the right pair for you. Simply click on the button below to download your free guide.


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