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The Best Fast Food Shoes Have these 5 Features

There are plenty of hazards in a busy fast food restaurants. Spilled drinks, oily puddles and sharp utensils are just some of the factors that can cause an accident. That’s why you should wear proper fast food shoes. But not all footwear is suitable. Here are five features you need to look out for.




There’s a risk of slips, trips and falls in every restaurant environment, but it’s particularly prevalent in a fast food kitchen. With liquids like greasy oils and water making surfaces slippery, and bits of food falling onto the floor, you can easily fall and injure yourself if you’re not wearing slip-resistant shoes.

Old School Low Rider IV (for men and women) is designed like the classic low top sneaker but with a safe edge. The non-slip soles provide superior grip so you can walk safely and securely around your fast food restaurant kitchen. The additional TripGuard feature helps to reduce trip hazards when you’re moving between different floor types.




From fizzy drinks and spilt water to splashes of oil, liquids are always spilling in restaurants. This is particularly the case in fast food kitchens as it’s such a hectic, quick-paced environment. That’s why you need fast food shoes that are waterproof.

Nitro is made from a durable, water-resistant material. Treated to repel liquids, this will protect your feet from spillages leaking into your shoes. The slip-resistant and traction patterned outsole decrease slip and trip hazards so you can safely stay upright while you work.


Cushioned Insoles


Fast food workers are often on their feet for hours at a time. When this is combined with rushing around during peak times and lifting boxes during stockroom checks, your feet can be left extremely sore and tired. Having sore feet can make it harder to deliver customer service with a smile and you could be more susceptible to trips and slips too.


Invest in work shoes with cushioned insoles to support your feet during your long shifts. Grayson and Karina are lightweight shoes with Hoverlite insole technology, and a foam compound which cushions your feet to help each step feel lighter than the last. Plus, the slip-resistant FlexTread outsole ensures the shoes have superior grip and mould to the shape of your feet, moving the way you do for long-lasting comfort.




It can get quite hot in a fast food restaurant, particularly in the kitchen due to the ovens and grills. Combine this with the rushing around after customers and you’ve not only got sore feet but you’ll probably have sweaty ones too. This is uncomfortable and can increase the risk of blisters forming, which will affect your productivity.


Look out for shoes that offer ventilation. Condor and Condor Women are CE and OB certified shoes with strategically placed mesh panels to help keep your feet cool throughout your shift. The wide heels offer additional traction and, when combined with TripGuard and slip-resistant soles, make these stylish work trainers even more suitable for the slippery fast food environment.


Durable Exterior Material


Long hours, extensive manual labour and a hazardous work environment are just some of the reasons why fast food workers’ shoes don’t usually last very long. When your shoes take that much of a beating every day, you can expect to have to replace them rather often - especially if you’re wearing trendy high street shoes rather than proper fast food shoes.

This is inconvenient and can be costly as the prices will add up in the long run. Proper work shoes are made from durable exterior material and they’re the ones you need to be investing in. You might have to pay a little more for them upfront, but they’ll last much longer so it’s actually more cost-effective in the long run.


Freestyle II and FREESTYLE II - WHITE OUTSOLE are both non-slip shoes with TripGuard technology, making them perfect for fast food workers. Both are made from high quality materials - synthetic leather. These shoes are built to last the strenuous work of a fast food employee, so you won’t need to replace them very often.


These Features will Help But There’s More You Need to Know


These five features are what you need to look out for in fast food shoes, but they’re not the only things you need. Our shoe buying guide, the Ultimate Guide to Slip-Resistant Shoes, will show you how to buy work shoes for your job role based on the occupational hazards you face. Download it below.


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