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The Best Catering Shoes, No Matter What Your Role Is

Whether you’re behind the bar, working hard in the kitchen or supervising behind-the-scenes, you need the right catering shoes. The wrong pair of shoes might not be able to keep you safe or support your feet, which can potentially lead to accidents or aches, pains and general unhappiness when working.


We’ve put together our recommendations for the very best catering shoes, whatever your job role is.

  1. 1. The Best Shoes for Managers

  2. 2. The Most Appropriate Shoes For Waiters and Waitresses

  3. 3. The Most Useful Shoes for Chefs

  4. 4. Stylish and Sensible Shoes for Bar Staff

  5. 5. The Best Shoe Choices for Kitchen Staff

  6. 1. The Best Shoes for Managers


As a manager, you’ll be on your feet all day making sure everything runs smoothly. The last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is sore feet.




Envy III Kora


For women, there are a number of options. Firstly, we’d recommend Envy III. This CE certified shoe is stylish and comfortable, providing support thanks to its performance athletic insole and shock absorbing rubber heel.


Secondly, we’d recommend Kora. Kora employs a smart look while retaining comfort with hidden cushioning. It also makes use of a slip-resistant outsole, making it perfect for managers during their daily tasks such as customer service and business meetings.



Executive Wing Tip III Ambassador


For men, we’d recommend the Executive Wing Tip III. You’ll be safe and comfortable thanks to this shoe’s leather upper and waterproof material.


If you’re looking for something a little lighter, we’d recommend the Ambassador. With removable cushioned insoles and water resistance, it’s perfect for a manager with a variety of responsibilities, such as deliveries and stock control.


2. The Most Appropriate Shoes for Waiters and Waitresses

When working for a restaurant or catering business, there are many different hazards to think about. You’ll be moving between different surfaces quickly whilst carrying plates, working with different substances (for example, oil, condiments and other ingredients) and interacting with customers. You need shoes that allow you to work without having to worry.




Reese Ollie II


For waitresses, discover Reese. This elegant shoe comes with a comfort heel and pressure release technology, designed to ease pressure under your foot with each step. Reese is also slip-resistant and has a tailored fit and extra cushioning to increase comfort.


If you’re looking for something more casual, try Ollie II. Make the most of slip-resistant outsoles, a water-resistant leather upper and a removable cushioned insole for added comfort.




For waiters, we recommend the classic and casual Delray. With a slip-resistant outsole and water-resistant upper, you’ll be able to look work-appropriate while staying safe.


We've covered so many more tips on how to find the ideal pair of slip-resistant shoes. Read our guide below!



3. The Most Useful Shoes for Chefs

There are potential hazards all over the kitchen to think about, such as hot liquids and dangerous spills. In addition to safety and slip-resistance, your shoes must be easy to clean. Dirty shoes are unprofessional and help to expose bacteria to food.




Radium Karina


Suitable for men and women, Radium is an incredibly lightweight and comfortable shoe. Made from EVA material, they include a removable cushioned insole and have been designed with a tapered outsole to minimise the risk of tripping.


For women, we’d also recommend the lightweight Karina. With an easy-lacing system and slip-resistant Flex Tread, you’ll be able to keep moving the way your feet want you to move, all day every day.



4. Stylish and Sensible Shoes for Bar Staff

When working long shifts behind the bar, you need the right pair of shoes to keep you safe. The wrong pair of shoes can lead to aches, pains and slips which can result in having to take time off work.


Spilled drinks and wet floors present potential slip hazards that can cause serious injury. Find a pair of shoes that are water and slip-resistant to keep you on your feet at all times.


Old School Low Rider IV

We’d recommend Old School Low Rider IV for women thanks to its extra cushioning and TripGuard, perfect for long shifts at a busy bar. Its simple design makes it easy to clean if your shoes get dirty because of spills.

Saloon II


For men, Saloon II is a fantastic bartending shoe. It's stylish, comfortable and features a superior slip-resistant outsole. It's also designed with TripGuard to ensure you stay safe while moving between different surfaces.


5. The Best Shoe Choices for Kitchen Staff


Trying to navigate a busy kitchen can be treacherous. Sharp knives, hot liquids and heavy equipment all pose serious risks to your feet. Investing in the right pair of shoes is a must.



Suitable for women, Liberty is made using synthetic material and are slip-resistant, helping to keep your feet comfortable. TripGuard helps you to move from one surface to another with a reduced risk of trips and the squared heel provides extra stability and comfort.




Alternatively, the S3 certified Dolce81 is also perfect for both male and female kitchen staff. The tapered outsole reduces falls as you pass between surfaces and the steel toe keeps you safe if any heavy or sharp objects fall.


Find the Perfect Pair of Catering Shoes


Shoes For Crews Europe have over 30 years of experience in supplying the very best shoes for working in different sectors. We’re dedicated to making your job safe and your shoes comfortable.


Looking for more information on what’s the best style of shoe to fit your needs? Click on the button below for your free buying guide. It’s the next step towards a safer working environment.



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