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Safety Clothing Warehouse Workers Actually Need

Every workplace has various potential hazards to look out for and a warehouse is no different. A Eurostat study has shown that since 2015, there have been 1.83 fatal accidents at work in the EU per 100,000 persons employed. Fire, vehicle and machine safety are all vital - but safety clothing is just as important. Here's what safety clothing warehouse workers like you actually need.

Below is a list of areas that all require protection - click on each one to discover the right safety clothing for the job;


Feet: Safety Shoes


As you’ll spend many hours on your feet, you need safety shoes that are both comfortable so you can stay on your feet all day as well as safe, so they offer protection against hazards. Your feet will always be at risk in the warehouse, especially if you’re walking around a lot or even handling heavy objects, so they’re a must.


You need safety shoes that offer impact protection around the toes, such as steel toecaps so that your feet don’t suffer from any damage if objects fall on them. When finding the perfect pair, make sure they include the following features:


  • Puncture-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Steel toecaps.
  • Tapered outsoles to minimise the risk of tripping.
  • Slip and clog-resistant outsole.


By wearing a pair of safety boots, you'll protect yourself from any chemical spills, you'll have better arch support, suffer from fewer blisters, lower the risk of any injuries, reduce the chances of a backache or stiffness and you're less likely to slip or trip.





Head: Safety Helmet


You need to wear a safety helmet in a warehouse to protect your head from any flying objects, collision impact, debris, shock and more hazards. They’re specially designed to protect your head, the side of the head, eyes and neck from any bumps, scrapes, impacts and electrical exposure.

Hard hats are in place to protect you from any sudden dangers when you might not have time or space to move out of the way. 

Eyes: Safety Glasses


Even though some tasks will need safety glasses more than others, you’ll benefit more from wearing these forms of eye protection throughout your long shifts. This is because there might be an unexpected risk of splashing or debris that can fly out at any given time, or even chemical burns from splashes, so you’ll always be protected.

Find safety glasses that are both comfortable and safe, so you can wear them throughout those long shifts without feeling irritated and wanting to take them off. Some comfort-enhancing features to look out for include cushioned brows, comfortable gel nose pieces, vented frames, fog protection, lenses with adjustable angles and more.


Ears: Earplugs


Earplugs are important as they help reduce noise exposure to an acceptable amount so you can continue working as normal and prevent you from suffering any ear damage. The tools used in warehouses combined with machine sounds can produce a high-level of noise which is both uncomfortable to work in as well as dangerous for your ears.

Make sure you find ear protection that is comfortable, durable and actually blocks out high levels of sound.

Body: Coveralls and High-Vis


Unless your warehouse has a specific work uniform you need to wear, it’s important you choose an outfit that’s comfortable, durable and functional at the warehouse - such as coveralls that help protect your upper and lower body.

Work coveralls are the best choice as they offer plenty of options that can provide safety and keep you comfortable, such as insulation, utility pockets and even discreet ventilation to keep you cool.

It’s also beneficial to wear high-visibility clothing, such as jackets. They’re extremely important when you’re working in a large warehouse where vehicles like forklifts can be relatively silent. In this environment, high-vis jackets or vests are needed so you can be easily seen and aren’t placed in any danger.

Hands: Safety Gloves


You’ll also need a range of safety gloves to give light to heavy-duty hand protection when on the job. Considering you do a lot of manual handling like picking, packing, loading, offloading and much more - safety gloves are needed to protect your hands from cuts, blisters or lacerations.

Find the right pair by making sure they’re the right size, comfortable, meet industry standards and offer cut, tear and puncture resistant protection so your hands are always safe.


Make Sure You Understand the Impact of Warehouse Safety


There’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to warehouse safety, from accident statistics to the effects the hazards can have on you and your body.

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