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Reduce work-related back pain in nurses with Shoes For Crews shoes

As a nurse, you've got lots of responsibilities. Completing paperwork, updating patient files, assisting in procedures and much more. Along with the daily duties, working as a nurse puts a lot of pressure on your health, especially your back. Being on your feet for long periods at a time and lifting patients can cause serious damage to your spine. We look a little closer on the current state of work-related back pain in nurses and provide some solutions to help protect your health at work. 



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Work-related lower back pain in nurses is incredibly common. Due to their work responsibilities, they unconsciously put a lot of pressure on their spine. 


What causes lower back pain for nurses?

  • Carrying and picking up patients
  • Handling heavy equipment
  • Being on their feet for long periods (with little or no breaks)
  • Leaning over during complex procedures
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear


Many musculoskeletal injuries in nurses are caused by heavy lifting. European studies found that 30% of workers suffer from back pain, with nurses and hospital staff particularly high in the list of at risk occupations. Shortage of staff means many nurses have to work independently with patients and this makes nurses vulnerable to back injuries.


At the moment, while there are lots of discussion about nurses suffering lower back pain, no healthcare organisation is taking steps to help protect against lower back pain. The problem when it comes to back pain is that it can greatly reduce a nurse's productivity, cause them to take time off work and in some cases, nurses have had to have surgery to fix musculoskeletal issues. While no organization is helping their staff, there are ways nurses can protect their own health at work. 


As nurses are on their feet for most of their shift they can help protect their health by doing daily exercises and wearing the right shoes for work.


It's important you don't wear just any shoes for work. As a nurse, you need footwear that supports you during every aspect of your job.



Protect your health and reduce work-related back pain with Shoes For Crews Shoes

At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd., our slip-resistant shoes for nurses, are designed for healthcare professionals. The effective slip-resistant grip helps to reduce the chance of slips, trips and falls. With arch and heel support and removable cushioned insoles, our shoes provide plenty of comfort and support.


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