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Patient illness and work stress: 8 tips for nurses to stay healthy

As a nurse, you've got a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Updating patient files, overseeing patients' health, assisting in surgeries and let's not forget the 12-hour shifts. When you've got so many responsibilities, it's easy to forget about your own health. Here's some advice and tips for nurses to stay healthy so you don't have to take time off work to recuperate.



1) Exercising

After finishing work, the last thing on your mind will be exercising but there are so many health benefits to exercising for 30 minutes everyday. While you might argue that walking around the wards is good exercise, it's not making your heart beat fast or making you sweat.


Running, swimming or going for a long walk will get your heart rate up, stretch your muscles and burn calories. Exercise is effective at reducing stress that you've been building up at work. It also provides a better night sleep too. (Have a look at our slip-resistant athletic shoes).



2) Good night sleep

You can't ignore the benefits of a good night's sleep. As a nurse, every hour of sleep counts. 


One of the best ways to stay healthy is to ensure your sleep isn't disturbed. If your family, housemates or the busy street has a habit of waking you up. Wear ear plugs to sleep, it will help block out noise. Blackout blinds are great if you have to do a lot of night shifts.



3) Have hobbies

Having hobbies outside of work is good for your mentality. It relieves stress and helps you focus on other things instead of what's happening in the hospital. Learning a new skill like: learning a new language or musical instrument, or joining the gym or a local singing group, is a great way to meet new people and socialise with others.


It's good to do things that are away from the hospital. It's best if you can find a hobby that works alongside your shift pattern.


4) Talk to someone about work

You might already have a confidante who you can happily talk to about your stresses at work. It can be a colleague, your partner, a family member or an old friend. It's important to have someone you can talk to. 


Along with being physically strenuous, being a nurse puts a lot of pressure on you mentally. Difficult work shifts or losing a patient you've been looking after for months can have its toll. But talking to somebody you trust can help you move past it.



5) Better eating habits

A popular tip for nurses to stay healthy at work is to ensure you have a healthy diet. In a hospital, it's so tempting to go to the vending machine and buy chocolate or sweets when you've had a stressful day. But if you get into a routine of bringing healthy snacks to work, you can avoid building on the pounds and maintain a healthy diet. Always make sure to have a good breakfast in the morning. 



6) Don't indulge on too much caffeine

Drinking lots of tea and coffee throughout the day may help you feel more awake but it's not good for your overall health. Having a cup of coffee is fine in the morning but substitute your need for caffeine with water.


Drinking water keeps you hydrated, benefits your digestive system and reduces your caffeine intake. 



7) Treat yourself

Nursing is a stressful occupation, you need to remember to treat yourself every now and then. Pampering yourself to a spa day, a weekend holiday away or buying something you've been looking forward to are great ways to help you feel rewarded for your hard work. 



8) Wear healthcare shoes for work

Condor Women, slip-resistant work shoes for healthcare professionals


Slip-resistant nurse shoes are specially designed for nurses. The insoles are designed to support and provide comfort when working on your feet. Foot and back pain are perhaps one of the worst problems you can face at work but it can be avoided by wearing supportive footwear that are designed for healthcare professionals.


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