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Key questions to ask before buying fast food manager shoes

No matter your job role, it's important to check your work shoes meet all your needs before you buy. As a manager of a fast food restaurant, your shoes need to be smart, supportive and most importantly, slip-resistant. These are the questions you need to ask before you buy fast food manager shoes.





Do they look smart and professional? 

When you're a fast food manager, you need to look smart at all times. You need to look professional when hosting team meetings, serving customers and talking with corporate and department managers. From head to foot, you need to look smart, so your work shoes must look professional.


Look at the style of shoe. Does it look smart and sophisticated? It's okay for your crew members to be wearing casual work shoes but the manager needs to wear professional footwear. Wearing smart shoes shows your senior staff that you care about your position.


Executive Wing Tip III: sophisticated classic style



Do they have supportive insoles?

Standing on your feet for long periods at a time is part of the job description so you need to wear supportive footwear. While you might like the look of a pair of shoes, it's your feet that's going to be wearing them. It's important to try them on before you buy or at least, double check, they have supportive insoles.


Wearing work shoes that don't provide comfort and support can damage the interior of your feet. It also increases the chance of developing long-term chronic conditions, like plantar fasciitis



Senator: an executive styled oxford, safety and style combined!



What are they made from?

Before you buy a new pair of work shoes, check what materials they are made from. Shoes made from low-quality rubber don't last long and their appearance degrades quickly. You'll end up buying work shoes on a regular basis if you choose the cheap option every time. It's more worthwhile to invest in high quality footwear.


Shoes made from high quality leather are more durable and will last longer compared to other materials. They're also more comfortable. Unlike plastic, leather gradually shapes around your feet. There are many benefits to wearing leather shoes for work.


Aristocrat III: full grain leather polished brogue



Are they slip-resistant?

As a fast food manager, you're responsible for maintaining health and safety regulations in the restaurant. Employees must follow the correct rules and safety procedures. All hazards should be removed or blocked off from staff and customers. Fast food restaurants are busy and have hidden dangers, it's the responsibility of the manager to ensure health and safety rules are carried out and staff (and customers) feel safe.


So when it's time to buy new shoes for work, your shoes should meet high health and safety standards. Slip-resistant shoes provide extra grip on slippery floors. In a fast food kitchen, the floors can easily be splashed with water or grease and, to stay safe at work, it's important to wear slip-resistant fast food manager shoes.



What rating does the slip-resistance grip have?

Nowadays, more work shoe suppliers are claiming their shoes have the best slip-resistant grip. It's easy to say a pair of shoes have incredible grip, it's harder to supply the stats to prove it's true.


At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd., our patented slip-resistant technology is used on all our shoes and provides incredible grip on slippery surfaces. 


We have been awarded the 5 star HSL grip rating for our shoes. This is the highest rating to receive for slip-resistance and it shows we're one of the best slip-resistant work shoe providers in the world.


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