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Introducing Our New Styles!

At Shoes for Crews (Europe) Ltd., our styles have changed, but our outsoles haven’t. We are already industry leaders in slip-resistant shoes, keeping over 100,000 workplaces safe worldwide - the force behind the workforce. We listened to your feedback, and created brand new styles that are better than ever so we have comfort, slip-resistance, style, and innovative technologies right at your tiptoes.


As our CEO Stuart Jenkins notes, slip-resistant shoes don’t need to be unattractive in order to be effective; your work shoe shouldn’t be unlike your favourite shoe. Our new designs are better than ever, and our safety measures outperform even your wardrobe’s most comfortable shoe. From heels to trainers to steel toe cap boots, we have all these and more with safety features you’ll appreciate.

Slips don’t just happen in the workplace - they can happen anywhere - so why not protect your feet all day everyday? We have more choices, fresh styles, and a whole new look. Styles have altered and been updated across the board; they have been brought up to date, and are now lifestyle focused too. You can wear our styles both in work and out.

Whether you work in the restaurant industry to the medical industry, we have you covered - literally and figuratively. We have more than a handful of new technologies that help you stay safe at work and around town.


  • Styles with Trip Guard protect you from trips with a specialised curved lug;

  • Shoes with Shoe Traction create traction patterns that move when you do;

  • Shoes with Spill Guard protect your feet from dangerous spills and hot splashes - engineered right into the linings and material overlays;

  • Footwear with Flex Tread have outsoles that mimic the natural movement of your foot, so your shoes move with you;

  • And Hoverlite technology keeps you light on your feet with a new foam compound that’s lighter than ever, removing pressure from your knees, joints, and hips. Trust us, it makes a difference in your day!

We also have shoes with many of the old features: steel toe caps, completely waterproof, removable insoles, leather, extra cushioning, vegan, tailored, clog-resistant, ventilated, and more.

Our shoes boast THREE FITS on many styles to make every step as comfortable as can be: natural fit, comfort fit, and tailored fit. Natural fit works for most feet; comfort fit provides extra room all the way around; and tailored fit is more snug.

We want the wear and tear to be on your shoes and not your joints, hips, and back.


Our Bridgetown shoe has everything! For a start it’s vegan, water-resistant, and has a natural fit. It has a removable insole to make room for custom insoles or orthotics (or just so you can rotate your insoles for everyday freshness). It has extra cushioning with our new insole technology and cushion construction to provide greater comfort. It’s ventilated with Hoverlite, our lightweight compound so you’re not weighted down. It’s clog-resistant with wide traction lugs to prevent debris from getting stuck. The Spill Guard protective membrane lining creates a barrier against hot spills. It has Trip Guard, Shoe Traction, and Flex Tread too - everything you need to be safe and comfortable. Our special design means that this shoe can go with you to work, to the gym, for a run, or on a night out.



I bet your favourite high street heel doesn’t provide a tailored fit, water resistance, and extra cushioning to provide greater comfort, but our Marla shoe does! The Marla also has a leather upper with a removable insole and Trip Guard to decrease trip hazards when moving between floor types. Style, comfort, and safety for those long nights and days on your feet.


For those that prefer a stylish flat, our leather upper Kora shoe provides water resistance in a tailored fit with a removable insole. Plus, it has extra cushioning and Trip Guard to bring you home safely.


Our Venice shoe looks amazing, like anything you could find at your local retail park, but your traditional tailored leather shoe doesn’t provide slip resistance and water resistance, but - you guessed it - our shoe does! Style, comfort, and safety again and again. And it's also available in two colours: black or brown. 




Our shoes are quite simply the best for industries who value style and safety. We want your shoes to work as long as you do at an affordable price with comfort and slip-resistance in mind.


Want to look at more styles with our revolutionary technologies and safety features? Take a look at our new catalogue:




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