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Impress your guests: How to increase guest satisfaction in hotels

When you work in a hotel, achieving high guest satisfaction is key. If you're in urgent need of improving your guests' happiness then here are some tips on how to increase guest satisfaction in hotels.



Respond to enquiries with lightning speed 

For a hotel, it's important to reply quickly to any enquiries made by guests and visitors. Nowadays, guests can get in contact via phone, email and on social media. 


It's not a good start to your holiday if you're waiting ages for a hotel to respond to your email about your booking. Guests have a great memory when it comes to bad experiences so it's important there is someone constantly managing the hotel's email inbox, social media and returning phone calls.



Manage guest expectations from the beginning

One common mistake many hotels make is, they create fantasy illusions about their hotel. They use creative writing to suggest their hotel is a sanctuary based in a wonderful paradise. The problem begins when guests arrive and realise they have been conned, it's not a sanctuary, it's actually a 100-room hotel situated on a busy road near a chicken farm.


Of course you want to encourage people to visit your hotel by using descriptive language but don't lie about the facts. Don't say on your website that the beach is a short walk away when in fact it's a 2km walk through town. Guests don't appreciate being lied too. By managing guests expectations from the beginning, you can reduce the chance of them feeling disappointed as soon as they walk through the door.



Ensure all staff are trained to a high standard

You can increase guest satisfaction by ensuring all your staff are trained to a high standard. Staff on the front desk should be able to process check-ins and check-out smoothly. Housekeepers should tidy rooms correctly and chefs should continuously cook high quality food. All employees should be at their best during day and night shifts.


To have a successful hotel with excellent guest satisfaction, all staff should work together. One employee can be responsible for causing bad reviews. It's important employees have regular one-to-ones with their managers to ensure they are working at their best and help determine whether they need additional training.





Learn from feedback

While many hotels welcome feedback, not many actually improve from it. When reviews are shared on review sites, like TripAdvisor, hundreds of people can see the negative feedback. Not only should hotels respond to the feedback. they should also work to improve.


If many guests comment on the same problems, like bad housekeeping, then you should urgently work to fix the issue. Guests will appreciate your quick action to improve and future guests will be satisfied with an excellent service.



Create a welcoming and safe environment

More guests make the effort to research online before they make a hotel booking. Good impressions and guest satisfaction have a big impact on a person's decision on whether they should book with you.


Your hotel should provide a welcoming and safe environment for your guests. Ensure there are no major cosmetic issues and nothing hazardous that could threaten the safety of the people staying in your establishment.



Dress professionally

When you're working in a hotel, it's important you look professional and have the correct footwear. As you're on your feet for most of your shift, you need to wear supportive slip-resistant hotel shoes. These shoes are designed to give you support and effective grip on slippery floor surfaces.







Ready to Learn More About Always Delighting Your Customers

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