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How To Pick the Perfect Hotel Shoes for Your Staff

Your staff are the face of your hotel. They're responsible for the guests' experience and a great way to fuel their motivation is to prioritise their comfort and safety. Take careful consideration of which hotel shoes you purchase for your staff. Here's how to pick the perfect pair.



The things you need to look out for before making a decision on hotel shoes include:


Make Sure They're Durable


The materials used in making the shoe help determine how long that particular shoe will last. While some can look the part, they're deceitful because cheap plastics used result in shoes having a very short life cycle. When you consider how active hotel staff can be, damage can occur much quicker than in other roles. That means you'll have to buy new pairs more often because they're simply not durable.


High quality materials are easily the better choice, especially in a hotel environment. Not only will they fit more comfortably around feet but they will clearly look more professional.



Make Sure They Look Smart


Just as a uniform needs to be pristine and smart, it's equally as important to make sure the shoes you select are smart so the two can complement each other. It doesn't matter which role the staff are in either. Front desk roles clearly need professional shoes, but that doesn't mean cleaning staff need the exact same pair. Although, they do need something more professional than an old pair of white trainers.


There are smart-looking shoes available that even cleaning staff can wear to leave a good impression.


Executive Wing Tip III

Envy III

Old School Low Rider IV

Before you make the purchase, look at the shoes for each role and make sure that they're appropriate for the wearer's position.



Make Sure They're Comfortable


While your hotel staff will appreciate that you're giving them shoes that last longer and look smart, they'll appreciate you even more if those shoes are comfortable. That's why you need to pick shoes which provide all-day support and stability that staff will need.


Consider buying a supportive shoe which has been designed specifically for the hotel or hospitality industry as there are plenty on the market. This gives you the freedom to decide the specifications you need, including arch support, a lighter shoe, one with ventilation, extra cushioning etc.



Think About the Insoles for Extra Comfort


There's no harm in going the extra mile when considering their - and your own - safety. Support is vital in this industry, so look at insoles of the shoes you're thinking of purchasing as that can be a key component which makes a shoe uncomfortable.


You don't want shoes that have poor quality insoles, or even insoles that don't help support the arches of your feet. Instead, it can be more beneficial to look into removable insoles to add extra cushioning. Plus, they can be changed regularly to match the exact needs of each individual member of staff.



Make Safety a Priority


The most important aspect when looking for the right pair of hotel shoes for your staff is by making safety a priority. Hotels bring their own hazards and injuries at work can be avoided if you're putting the precautions in place to keep staff safe. Ensuring that your staff are wearing the right work shoes will help keep them on their feet all day. To do this, look at slip-resistant shoes to combat and reduce slips, trips and falls.


This is vital, as injuries at work cost employers €3.4 million. By purchasing slip-resistant footwear, you're making sure staff have extra grip on slippery floors which can be overlooked during busy situations.


By looking at this component, hotel staff will operate safely while appreciating the fact that you're looking out for them, their safety and their comfort.



Go Ahead and Keep Your Hotel Staff Safe With Slip-Resistant Footwear


Our stylish and professional looking hotel footwear (for all job roles) provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. At SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE) Ltd., we have created the best guide on what to look for when choosing the perfect pair of shoes for any role! Download our free buying guide and see for yourself.

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