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How to get a job as a waiter without experience

Want to get a job as a waiter but don’t have any experience? Some restaurants will require you to have some experience but there are plenty of restaurants who are happy to hire a newbie to the team. Remember every single waiter and waitress has been in your shoes before. Whilst it can be harder to land your first serving job, there is other experience and skills that you can mention in your interview to increase your odds of getting the job. Here is how to get a job as a waiter without experience.



1. Show off your other work experience

2. Do your research

3. Practice your skills at home

4. Smile and be friendly

5. Be professional


Show off your other work experience

If you’ve had other jobs before, it’s likely you’ve got transferable skills you can talk about.

Working in any type of customer service job (receptionist, shop assistant, etc) has skills you can link to working as a waiter. Talk about how you’ve worked with customers before and why your previous experience will prepare you for your next job in food service.

If you don’t have any other previous experience to talk about, then explain why you’re interested in this job role and refer to any hobbies, responsibilities and experience you think are relevant to mention. Most restaurants want certain qualities in their waiters, such as: the ability to multi-task, ability to work with other people and offer a professional service. Show them you’ve got these qualities.

Do your research

You can shine in the interview by doing some research.

As a waiter without experience, you need to show the interviewer, you completely understand the duties and responsibilities of the job. Read the job advert again and read any blogs and articles about working as a waiter. Understand the responsibilities of a waiter and what they face on a daily basis so you can prove you know what the job expects.



Practice your skills at home

As a waiter you’re expected to do many things at a restaurant. Prepare tables, collect plates, serve food, carry 2-3 plates, carry trays and drinks, along with much more. Practicing these skills will impress your interviewer.

Some restaurants have trial periods before deciding to give you a full-time contract. Why? Because they want to see if you’re server material.

If you really want a job as a waiter, you need to practice carrying serving plates and preparing tables at home. Restaurant staff will train you when you first start but it looks good to have practice beforehand.

Smile and be friendly

Two of the most important qualities of any great waiter is to be friendly and smile. You’ll be working with customers, you must be friendly, it’s all part of customer service.

Many interviewers will want to meet you and determine whether you have the personality to be a server. At your interview, remember to be polite and remember to smile.

Be professional

At your interview, make sure you’re dressed smartly. When working in customer service, it’s vital you’re dressed appropriately. This will also show your interviewer that you understand the job role and will follow the dress code.

Most restaurants have a dress code. Before going for the interview, find out what their uniform policy is.

You can prove you’re serious about working as a waiter by getting the correct footwear. Waiters must wear slip-resistant work shoes to help reduce the chance of suffering an injury at work. There are many hazards working in a restaurant. You’re working with glass, plates and sharp cultlery. 

You need slip-resistant shoes that will support your feet.


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Preparing for a job interview?

When going for your first interview as a waiter, it's important to show your interviewer that you've prepared for the interview. These are the questions that are likely to come up (and we've got example answers too).


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