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FLASH SALE! Get 15% off all styles! Use code SALE15 at checkout! Hurry! Offer valid for 2 days only from 26th to 27th February!


How to Choose the Best Shoes for Hotel Front Desk Roles

When you're working at a busy hotel front desk, you need smart and professional footwear that'll keep you supported throughout your hectic shifts. So, this is what you should be asking when looking for the best shoes for hotel front desk roles.



What Are They Made From?

The materials used to make the shoes will help determine how long the shoe could last. Shoes made from cheap plastics or 'pretend leathers' have a very short life cycle and don't hold up well when continuously worn.


In fact, they often look worn after wearing them for just a couple of weeks.

Envy III - stylish & comfortable with real water resistant leather


When you're working in a hotel, you'll be on your feet continuously and while you may not be paying attention to your shoes, your manager and hotel guests will definitely notice if your shoes are falling apart. Plus, it’s not very comfortable to be wearing shoes with excessive wear and tear.


That's why you should treat your shoes like another vital piece of your uniform. You need to have durable footwear that you can rely on to keep you safe for longer. 


Is It Worth Spending More?

How expensive something is doesn’t necessarily mean the quality will match. You don’t need to spend a fortune on shoes.


But, when it comes to something as important as the footwear you’ll wear almost every day, you should look to spend that little bit more.


Shoes made from high-quality plastics are dependable to a point but when you're working in a hotel, shoes made from genuine leather are the better choice. Leather shoes fit more comfortably around your feet and they look more professional.

Senator - classy, stylish and comfortable premium dress shoe


High-quality leather shoes also last longer compared to cheaper alternatives.


Although it seems like a thrifty option to purchase from the high street, the cost to replace your shoes will soon add up. Investing in a good pair of shoes benefits you in the long term. You don’t want to keep forking out money to replace inexpensive pairs every couple of months.


Do They Look Smart?

Just like your uniform, your shoes need to be smart. It's impractical to work at the hotel front desk wearing your favourite casual trainers. You’re the first point of contact for guests and one they will remember.


Look for a professional, polished style that’ll not only make a great first impression for your guests but your manager too.


Executive Wing Tip III: a popular smart, classic style.


Before you buy, look at the shoes and make sure they're appropriate for work. It's also important to choose a style that you like. After all, you’ll be wearing these shoes every day for work. You don’t have to prioritise comfort over style - it’s possible to have both.  


Along with having professional manners, it's important you’re always smartly dressed. From head to toe, you should wear the correct uniform and footwear.


Are the Insoles Right for Me?

As you'll be on your feet for most of your shift, it’s vital your work shoes provide the support you need. Take a look at what the insoles are like inside the shoe as foot pain in the arch is predominantly caused by wearing shoes with inadequate support.


Help reduce potential aches or sores by investing in removable insoles so you can regularly change them. When you've got a job that demands you to be on your feet for most of your shift, it’s crucial to take care of them.


Reese: Slip-resistant classic ballet flats shoes for hotel staff


If you're working night shifts, it's more important than ever that you're wearing comfortable and supportive footwear. During late night shifts, it’s best practice to stay active and alert to avoid feeling sleepy and the last thing you want is sore feet with a couple more hours to go.


Do They Have Slip-Resistant Outsole?

Along with having smart-looking shoes, you need hotel work shoes that provide safety features like slip-resistant outsole. In job roles where you're constantly on your feet and walking back and forth from front desk to hotel rooms, there’s an increased chance of possible accidents at work.


To reduce any chances of suffering a slip, trip or fall, it's recommended you wear slip-resistant work shoes.


Slip-resistant shoes provide extra grip on slippery floors. When you're busy behind the front desk, it's easy to miss potential hazards on the floor. Guests may have come in from the rain outside with wet shoes and luggage and when you’re occupied with fulfilling their requirements, it can be difficult to overlook details like this.


There’s a big misconception that slip-resistant shoes are big and clunky safety shoes. Well, some styles are, but at Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. our smart and professional hotel shoes are fitted with our patented slip-resistant outsoles so you can wear stylish and slip-resistant shoes for work.

Liberty - Slip-Resistant outsole with TripGuard & extra cushioning

Ready to Find your Solemate?

Whatever industry you're in, it’s important to be safe in your role. Download our catalogue to browse for more shoes fit for hotel front desk roles as well as those for other jobs and sectors below.


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