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How to buy work shoes if you have wide feet

Trying to find the right work shoes can already be a stressful expedition without having to worry about anything else. However finding comfortable and suitable footwear for wide feet can feel like you're searching for the holy grail. We know that sounds extreme, but it's true! To assist you on your search, we've created a helpful guide to buying wide fit shoes.


It's a growing fact, people are getting bigger feet. From a study released in 2014 by the College of Podiatry in the UK, the average shoe size has increased by 2 sizes since the 1970s. In the 70s the average size of men's feet was an 8, now it's a 10. On average, women used to have size 4 feet but today this has increased to a 6.



It's believed the reasons behind the increasing foot size are down to people getting taller and weight gain. We need bigger feet to support ourselves.


As there aren't many shops and brands that cater for people with wide feet, it can make shoe shopping even more difficult. So often, people buy shoes that are a bigger size to help cater for their feet but buying a bigger shoe means your shoes might not fit correctly around your entire foot. Instead they may fit around the side of your heel perfectly but they end up too loose at the front of the shoe.


When you're working long hours or if you have an active job you can't sacrifice the comfort of your shoes. Wearing the wrong size shoes can cause blisters, foot pain and you're more likely to slip or fall. Nobody wants to suffer an injury at work so you need to find the right work shoes for you. 



There is a method on how to buy work shoes if you have wide feet: 


1) Don't buy shoes that are a tight fit

Many people with wide feet buy shoes that are a close fit because they believe they will eventually stretch out. In most cases, the shoes won't stretch to the shape you need and instead your feet will suffer the consequences. 


2) Buy laced

Buying shoes that are laced or can be altered are ideal for wide feet because they can be tightened or loosened to fit the size of your feet. Shoes with straps or slip on shoes can't be altered easily and might not be suitable for your feet. 


3) Avoid high heels

Heels can be problematic for wider feet. They put more pressure on your toes and can cause long term damage if they're worn regularly. The bones of your feet will eventually adjust to help support your feet and this can lead to foot problems in the future.


4) Check the material

Some shoes will support the shape of your feet more comfortably compared to others. Hard plastics are difficult to mould and can rub against your feet. Buy shoes that are made of genuine leather or soft materials because they are more comfortable for your feet. 


5) Get your feet measured every year

Although this may seem troublesome, it's better for your feet in the long run. Even if you didn't used to have wide feet, as you grow older you'll likely notice you're feet changing shape. Getting your feet measured every year can help you find the best shoes for your feet. 


6) Buy wide fit shoes

When looking for ways on how to buy work shoes when you have wide feet: this may seem like an obvious point. However many people prefer going for style rather than comfort. When you're buying new shoes for work, you need shoes that are comfortable and will support the size of your shoe.


SFC Recommends

Along with getting work shoes that are wide fit, you need to make sure they're slip resistant.  In Great Britain over twenty thousand slips and trips were reported in 2014/2015. Many slips and falls can be avoided if you're wearing the right shoes.


Here are the shoes we recommend for wider feet, the design of the shoes offer maximum comfort and support.



Condor Women



  • Ideal for active jobs
  • Slip Resistant
  • Breathable & comfortable Work Shoe


Ideal for active jobs, Condor Women is a breathable and comfortable work shoe that offers maximum comfort and slip-resistance.



Vitality II



  • Suitable for most job types
  • Athletic Work shoe
  • Comfortable Work Shoe
  • Slip & Water Resistant.


Vitality II is an athletic work shoe that's ideal for any job that demands you to be on your feet for long hours. Slip-resistant, water-resistant and comfortable lightweight material - everything you need!


So, what's the answer to: how to buy work shoes if you have wide feet? Take a bit of extra time to find the right work shoes for your feet. It's understandable you don't want to spend lots of time researching and trying on shoes but your feet will appreciate it in the long run. 


How to find the right shoes for you

Wearing the wrong shoes for work is a common occurence. So many people prefer going for a cheaper version or buying second best. We understand you want to save your money and spend it on more fun activities (rather than shoes for work). But as you spend over 40 hours a week at work, you need to invest in the right work shoes.


Visit our buying guide to see all the features for our slip resistant shoes. Save the hassle of returning, find the right shoes before you buy!




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