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How Our New Sole Tech Helps Waiters and Waitresses Stay Safe at Work

Earlier this year, here at SHOES FOR CREWS (Europe) Ltd., we announced that we’d developed all new technologies to help you get home safely. Plus, in addition to our new safety features (with all the great old features too), we revamped our styles too. As we keep saying in our blogs, the number one workplace accident is slips and trips, so for a busy waitress or waiter who’s on their feet all day, it’s vital that you have the right shoes to keep you safe.


Here’s how our new sole technology helps waitresses and waiters stay safe at work.


Walking on different surfaces


Have you ever had that situation where you were walking (hopefully not with a tray full of glasses) where you walked from tile to carpet and lunged forward and almost fell? Or maybe you did fall! Well, that’s because the stoppers at the front of your shoes most likely tripped you up on your way to the carpet. We have shoes with TripGuard that have a tight traction pattern, and a curved lug that prevents this situation from happening, and they’re designed with waitresses and waiters in mind. And - don’t worry - it’s not just trainer-like safety shoes that have TripGuard, we have some dressy styles that will rival your high street shoe with so many more features (like water resistance, cushioning, breathability, and slip-resistance).









Venice, Brown 

Venice, Black 


Moving frequently


As a waitress or waiter, you’ll move a lot, and that determines the kind of shoe traction you need, so we have shoes that have specialty ShoeTraction that provides traction pattern for where you need them as a waitress or waiter (that differ to, say, hospitality or medical shoes). Shoe Traction will keep you safe when you’re moving from the kitchen to grab food, waiting on customers, bringing drinks, clearing tables, ringing up orders at the till, and so much more.


Bridgetown, Black

Ollie II, Men's


Carter, Men's




Protecting you from spills


Your everyday trainer or flat won’t protect you from spills. Even if you aren’t cooking in the kitchen, waitresses and waiters still experience spill hazards. What about that customer who is bounding to the bathroom without looking where he’s going, and you have a hot cup of tea in hand to take to table 5? If he knocks into you and you spill tea down your leg and onto your toes it could mean burns, which are very dangerous. To stay safe at work, waitresses and waiters need shoes that protect your feet from spills, so we have Spillguard technology engineered right into the linings of the shoes or the overlays, protecting your forefoot from hot liquids.


Cabbie II (Women's)


Cabbie II (Men's)


Avoiding foot fatigue


Remember as a kid when you had those heavy, clunky shoes (maybe they were jelly shoes, or a wooden wedge heel) that weighed down your whole leg and made it hard to move? When you’re working as a waitress or waiter, you definitely don’t want to reminisce about those type of shoes. So that’s why we’ve designed a foam compound that makes our shoes the lightest yet. Hoverlite technology removes 100 grams of weight off your feet which is valuable when you’re continually walking on an eight hour shift, the pressure is taken off your legs, knees, and joints. Trust us. This lighter shoe will really make all the difference.


Liberty, black 

Endurance II


Natural foot flexibility  


Okay, so you’re probably not doing yoga at work, but you don’t want your shoe to be working against you. We have shoes with Flextread that provides a flexible tread that mimics your foot’s natural movement (like when you aren’t wearing a shoe). This feature is important for waitresses or waiters because if you’re wearing your high-street trainer or pump, you’ll find that your feet really hurt at the end of the day, especially on the soles of your feet. Your bones will have to fight with your shoe each day, and it won’t provide the right support for the kind of job you do.




Pearl and Pearl Black




Why is it important to have shoes designed for me?


Our technology is designed with waitresses and waiters in mind. Your high street shoe or trainer will not have these safety features, and safety and comfort should be high priority for your on-the-move career. Download our FREE tech guide to find out more about how our shoes will get you home safe.


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