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How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes?

Whatever your job role, if you spend a lot of time on your feet, your choice of shoes is important. Not just because they’ll leave you with aching feet and a bad back, but buying shoes for work that weren’t designed to be used in that way can lead to you having to find a new pair every few months. And the cost of this soon adds up. So, how do you find the perfect pair that’ll last?




Signs You Need a New Pair of Work Shoes

Work shoes are an investment. You’ll be wearing them for hours at a time for months on end and they’ll have to deal with a lot. If you buy a cheap pair that you think look good, you’ll be replacing them in the near future as they won’t be able to cope. Here are a few signs that those new shoes are already starting to struggle:

  • Uncomfortable
  • No Longer Waterproof or Water-Resistant
  • Impact Damage
  • General Wear and Tear
  • Increase in Slips and Falls



If you’re on your feet all day, you need to make sure you’re wearing shoes that fit properly. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to sore feet and an unhappy shift. Shoes that no longer support your feet and ankles need replacing as soon as possible.


No Longer Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Your feet should be kept dry by your shoes during your shift. The last thing you want is a wet sock that’s going to distract and irritate you. If liquids are finding their way into your shoes, it’s time to find a new pair.


Impact Damage

Working in a busy environment brings a range of risks and hazards you need to be aware of. Falling objects can cause damage to shoes, leaving them not only looking unprofessional but also unable to give your feet the protection they need. In the worst case, this could result in time off work due to injury.


General Wear and Tear

Even the most expensive pair of work shoes will experience general wear and tear over time. There are a few things to look out for, including the sole of the shoes wearing out and small tears on the sides.


Increase in Slips and Falls

Have you found yourself slipping a lot more at work recently? This is usually an indicator of a worn sole. Avoid future accidents by finding a new pair of shoes that offers slip-resistance to keeping you upright and keeping you safe.


Finding a Pair of Works Shoes that Lasts

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a new pair of work shoes, it’s important to find a pair that lasts. It’s expensive and time-consuming to be replacing them every few months. Here are a few features you should look out for when it’s time to replace work shoes:

  • Slip Resistance
  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant
  • Safety Certificates
  • Quality Materials


Slip Resistance

Find a pair of work shoes that’s created with slip-resistant outsoles. Wearing specially designed anti-slip shoes reduces trips and falls, perfect for keeping you on your feet as you deal with slippery surfaces and spills.


Mary Jane II is perfect for waitresses that have to deal with spills and hazardous floors. It’s designed for both style and comfort with an adjustable strap.



Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Wearing shoes that aren’t either of these will lead to wet and uncomfortable feet, and cause blisters. Especially in bars, kitchens and fast food restaurants.

Ollie II has been treated so that it’s water-resistant, keeping unwanted liquids away from your feet. Inspired by skater shoes, you’ll look good and feel great with Ollie II.



Safety Certificates

It might not necessarily be the first thing you think about when buying a new pair of shoes, but safety certificates matter. There are a few different kinds of certifications that shoes can receive. Read our handy blog on the safety footwear codes for more information.

Radium is OB Certified, meaning it’s slip-resistant thanks to our patented outsole which massively exceeds European minimum safety standards.



Quality Materials

The best shoes are made with the best materials. Leather provides a comfortable casing for the foot and it helps you to give a professional first impression for customers. Look for extra cushioning in a new pair of work shoes, as they’re more likely to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Ideal for female bar staff, Envy III is created with a leather upper which comfortably encases the foot.



Need a Little Help Choosing the Perfect Work Shoes?


Buy the right pair of shoes and you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. Whatever industry you work in, we have a wide collection of work shoes available that can keep you happy and on your feet during even the busiest of shifts.

If you’re unsure on what to look for in a new pair of shoes, make sure to download The Ultimate Guide to Buying Slip-Resistant Shoes. It’s packed with useful tips and advice to help you find the perfect pair. Click the link below to receive your free guide.

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