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How Many Bands Are There in Nursing and What Are Their Salaries?

In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) pays registered nurses under a payscale system that matches their abilities and responsibilities. This came into effect in 2004 and is still the current grading and pay system. Through using the NHS banding system, fair rates of pay are maintained across the NHS. It also shows nurses a clear pathway to move up the pay scale through training and development.



Nursing Bands and Salaries in the UK

Currently, there are nine bands of nursing in the UK. But, within band 8 there is 8A, 8B, 8C and 8D. In case you’re thinking of working in the UK as a nurse, we’ve broken down how many bands there are in nursing and what their salaries are in the table below. 


Minimum Pay

Band 1


Band 2


Band 3


Band 4


Band 5


Band 6


Band 7


Band 8A


Band 8B

£53, 168

Band 8C


Band 8D


Band 9


It’s important to note that newly qualified nurses start at the bottom of Band 5 and work their way up from there. Band 1 consists of domestic support workers, drivers and nursery assistants, Band 2 is for healthcare assistants, Band 3 is for roles such as emergency care assistants and Band 4 is for theatre support workers. 


Job Roles Within Band 5 and Upwards

Band 5 - Newly Qualified Nurse of Staff Nurse

Newly qualified registered nurses start at Band 5. Usually, these nurses start in a hospital setting and progress within their ward, gaining valuable experience to move up within their banding. 


Band 6 - Nursing Specialist or Senior Nurse

Band 6 job roles involve similar tasks and responsibilities as Band 5, however, the nurse is more specialised. To move into this Band, further training in a specialist area is required. This could be a specialism in intensive care or paediatrics, for example. 


Band 7 - Advanced Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

This Band usually requires the nurse to hold a Masters’ degree or equivalent. For this role, the nurse must have highly specialised knowledge and will conduct detailed clinical assessments, make diagnoses and prescribe medicine to patients. 


Band 8 - Modern Matron/Chief Nurse

Nurses in Band 8 tend to be heads of nursing. They may carry out nursing duties, but will also manage a large team of nursing staff. 


Band 9 - Consultant Level Nurse

Band 9 job roles are for the most senior NHS managers. People in these roles help with high-level decision making and are experts within their field. 


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