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Hotel Customer Feedback Management Systems: 5 Platforms To Try

When it comes to your hotel, the aim is to have every room booked and the only way that can happen is if the customers are happy. That's why many hotels are beginning to utilise customer feedback tools to track what's being said about them. Here are five hotel customer feedback management systems you need to try.



Customer feedback management systems are quickly becoming the foundation for success. The platforms you should try include:


System #1 - SurveyMonkey

Image Credit: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey might seem simplistic, but there's a very good reason why millions of business are using its survey tools across the world. It's recognisable and easy to navigate - something which guests will love. There are 15 different types of questions to choose from too, such as multiple choice and open comments.


An alternative: SurveyMonkey's customer feedback tool is good for one-off surveys, but it's not suitable if you want your hotel to measure overall satisfaction. Instead, Survicate is a goog alternative. You can trigger targeted surveys, email questionnaires to different customers and choose from a library of predefined surveys.


System #2 - Trustpilot

Image Credit: Medium


Many hotels use Trustpilot as the higher their reviews and ratings are, the more trustworthy they appear and the more bookings they'll get. 


When guests are booking hotels, they provide their email addresses to receive booking confirmations and other important information. As soon as they check out, you can send out an email inviting them to review your hotel. Trustpilot also allows you to engage directly with your guests by responding to positive or negative feedback. 


Choosing not to use this isn't the end of the world, but you might fail to turn users into guests because of your search engine visibility will be decreased and you have no trust score.


An alternative: Trustpilot isn't necessarily catered to every hotel. TrustSpot is an option which is geared towards helping your hotel grow. It offers most of what Trustpilot does, but also has other valuable incentives, such as more review requests per month, advanced analytics, thank you emails following a review and more.


While you're probably busy focusing on deciding which platform you want to try to receive customer feedback, don't neglect those that are already working in your hotels. Your hotel staff will be on their feet all day, so they're going to need comfortable, slip-resistant footwear.



System #3 - Room Assistant


Image Credit: Room Assistant

Room Assistant is an all-in-one app for hotels. It can be used for communicating with guests in real-time when they leave their contact details, maximising their spending when staying at your hotel or even sending previous guests a birthday message. They also have a guest feedback feature.


From special offers to reminders to leave a review, you can send out mass messages with the application's push notifications. The reviews can be seen on leading websites like Booking, TripAdvisor or Google Reviews.


An alternative: An alternative is eZee iFeedback. This option comes with social media integration, advanced reports and the ability to create customisable surveys. Like Room Assistant, you only need your guests' contacts details and can select a time to send out the feedback notification.


System #4 - Appy Sphere


Image Credit: Appy Sphere

Appy Sphere has a unique feature - it alerts you when feedback has been given. Many systems allow you to send guests reminders about leaving feedback. However many hotels are too slow to respond to their guests. Appy Sphere helps as it instantly alerts you whenever feedback is submitted so you can quickly respond.


You can also create and send out customised surveys at a time of your choosing, such as the checkout time. 


An alternative: Revinate is solely focused on guest feedback and surveys for maximum exposure and booking impact. It has integrations with TripAdvisor and Google, which can increase rankings by 15% or more - making you more visible.


System #5 - Fast SMS


Image Credit: Plummer Slade


If you don't want to analyse data from surveys or online reviews, you might choose Fast SMS which allows you to send your guests text messages. You can ask your guests questions about their stay via text messages and analyse much simpler data instead.


As you have the numbers of your guests already, you can send mass text messages at a time you think is most suitable - ideally after they have checked out - and wait for the responses to roll in. It can even be done through your web browser so you don't have to send texts via a mobile phone all day. 


An alternative: Voodoo Bulk SMS Messaging offers the same services as Fast SMS at a smaller cost and you can still analyse the responses you receive from guests.



Impress Your Guests From the Start!


Going out of your way to implementing these platforms shows customers that you genuinely care about their experiences and they won't hesitate in leaving you the praise you want.


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