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Get scary: how to decorate your restaurant for Halloween

Can I have the fillet steak with a side order of jump-scares, please? As Halloween continues to be a popular holiday for children and adults, you can take advantage of the tradition and decorate your restaurant to match the theme. Spook up your restaurant this year to make this scary holiday a memorable experience for your guests. 




Carve them pumpkins!

Starting with the most obvious. Get yourself some pumpkins and start carving. Either be traditional and carve creepy expressions or create a different theme. You can make the pumpkins reflect your brand or get each of your employees to carve their own pumpkin. 


Decorate with the traditional Halloween favourites

Just like pumpkins, there are traditional decorations everyone loves. Creepy spider cobwebs, bats, crows, skulls, use images you normally link to Halloween and fill your restaurant. What's perfect about these decorations is you can spend as much or as little as your like, they are usually available in discount shops so you can buy more for less. If you can, dim the main lights slightly to add a creepy and foreboding atmosphere. Use candles and spooky lights to add another layer of creepiness. 


Make your employees spooky

Get your employees to dress up. The main expectation for Halloween is to dress up in something scary. Vampires, witches, clowns, make sure all your employees play a part to create an immersive experience for your customers. Have a group discussion with your employees and create a group theme so all your waiters and bar staff know what they are doing. 


Mix your cocktails with extra scare


Your bar staff can create Halloween themed cocktails. Make them weird and wonderful. Customers will enjoy them and strange looking cocktails add to the scary vibe you are trying to create.  Use the favourites like Bloody Mary and Apple Martinis, and try creating your own. We have some delicious cocktail ideas you can use as inspiration. 


Halloween centerpieces

Transform your normal centerpieces and twist them into something scary. Use blood red candles or black flowers covered by cobwebs. There's nothing more ominous than designing gravestone name cards for your customers to see when they sit down at their table.


Creepy food ideas


Along with decorations, offer Halloween inspired foods. Pumpkin pie, meringue ghosts, chocolate mice are ideal for desserts or small tasters. 



So now you know how to decorate your restaurant for Halloween this year, create a fun and scary night out for your guests. Be creative and your guests will definitely tell others about their exciting experience. At Shoes For Crews we've seen many restaurants get into Halloween spirit every year, take advantage of the season and have some fun.


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