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Fetch the tinsel & mistletoe! : How to decorate your bar for Christmas

It's approaching that time of year again, it's time to start wearing your woolly hats and start singing those cheesy songs everyone knows. But just as everyone is getting into the festive spirit, it's also time to start decorating your bar. If you start planning early, you can decorate your bar for Christmas in style and on a budget. 



Christmas can be one of the most profitable seasons for restaurants and bars as customers are more willing to treat themselves to luxury dinners and glasses of mulled wine. This is why decorating is so important. Customers want to spend their Christmas memories in winter wonderlands filled with festive decorations. 



How to decorate your bar for Christmas - The SFC Checklist


Tis the season to be jolly: Hang festive decorations

Before you start, decide on your theme. Decorating your bar is easy but it's harder to get it right. You want people to spend their winter evening in your bar so you need to fill the interior with a plentiful number of decorations. The colours need to be complementary, see what works. Red and gold go well together just like blue and silver. 


Make sure all decorations are tied firmly to the walls to avoid any from falling onto a customer or causing a trip hazard. Any wires connected to Christmas lights should be covered and away from busy walk ways. Waiters need to be focusing on the foods and drinks on their trays rather than navigating the floors.


Spruce up your menu 

Just like Christmas decorations, customers will be expecting seasonal offers to appear on your menu too. Seasonal snacks like mince pies, mint chocolates and cheeses, are just a few of the different snacks you can offer from your bar. Christmas cocktails are another seasonal must-have. Brandy and Cinnamon Punch, Snowballs, Eggnog or perhaps be creative and try a Mince Pie Cocktail. Whatever you decide to include on your menu, don't forget the mulled wine!


If you're creating a new Christmas menu, make sure you leave time to create a thoughtful design for your menu.


Keep nice and toasty 

For some people they love winter because that usually means snow, for others this is one of the cons of the colder months. The pros for bars and restaurants is people want to spend more time in a warmer environment, this can mean extra profits for you. Keep your bar warm and stop any bone chilling drafts from unsettling customers


If you decide to install more heaters or make up the fireplace make sure there is nothing flammable nearby. As your bar area will have more tinsel hanging around keep them at a safe distance. You will likely have families with children running around so you need to cover any wires that could trip people up and put barriers around any open fires. 


Dry Floors = Safety

Be prepared for more wet floors. In the winter months there will be more rain, slush and snow so people will be stepping into your bar with wet feet, especially near the entrance way. Check your anti-slip mats are working as their efficiency declines over time and constant use. These mats are excellent for keeping slippy walkways safe and your feet on the ground. Keep the skating on the ice rink instead of your bar floor. 


Decorating your bar is a must if you want to capitalise on the Christmas period. More people will be going out to spend time with family and friends, and there will be end-of-year parties for work colleagues and students. They will want to spend time in bars and restaurants filled with Christmas spirit!


Just as it's important to decorate for the season, it's also important to keep your bar safe. Your bar will be busy and you need to decrease any chances of slips and falls to keep your co-workers and your customers safe. Christmas is a time to be jolly, not to be down in the dumps because you're recovering from an injury.


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