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Epic restaurant food trends for 2017

2016 marked the rise of street food but what epic restaurant food trends await us this year? We've compiled a list of some of the most bizarre, creative and exciting predictions for this year so you can ensure your restaurant meets the needs of your customers.


Time for tacos? 

Whilst we've all noticed the rise in Mexican food on the high street with 2016's surge in street food, 2017 will be no different. Leading restaurants such as Taqueria in London are pioneering this trend with the idea that elegant dining does not have to be excessive dining.  


With options to cater for all tastes, from Vegan to Vegetarian, it's no surprise that Taco's are the new 'in thing' right now. Convenience and variety are all guaranteed if you're treating yourself to a Taco within an open kitchen this year. 



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Succumb to Syrian food

This is a unique craze that was started by the Cook For Syria initiative and was put together by Clerkenwell Boy on Instagram. The initiative aims to put Syria on the map for all of the right reasons (despite current events) with the idea that nothing brings people together better than great food. 


You'll be seeing more dishes like:

  • Syrian Hummus
  • Manoushi Bread
  • Tabbouleh
  • Baklawa


The #CookForSyria cookbook has recipes which have been contributed by Syrian families, Jamie Oliver and many others. With the food boasting drastic changes to food culture as we know it, it has proved immensely popular. We wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing restaurants appearing on the high street, like Abu Zaad based in London.



Portuguese is proving popular

One of the most popular holiday destinations of recent times is Lisbon and has had holidaymakers bring back a taste of Portugal with them. This has led to prominent rises in demand for Portuguese cuisine and the UK has been sure to respond in order to those cravings for Custard Tarts or Bacalhau à Brás.



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More people want African food

There's no surprise that African food is on the rise after witnessing the success of Mexican dishes. It's clear audiences are interested in trying new and exciting spices. African fried meats and unique sauces are full of flavour. So far, there have been many Nigerian and Ghanaian restaurants appearing in London and it's expected there will be more restaurants popping up around the country.



Tastes are diversifying for 2017

There's no doubt about it. The UK market is moving away from typical options such as Italian and Chinese foods as we progress through the new year, so expect to be offering a lot more variety when you're planning your new menus with these exciting restaurant food trends for 2017. It's important you jump onboard latest food trends to ensure your competition doesn't attract your customers.



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When you're managing a restaurant it's important that you follow health and safety regulations to ensure your restaurant is a safe environment for your customers and your staff.


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No time? 

If you're stuck for time as a result of all the new menu planning, you can always grab a free copy of our catalogue to read whilst you're on the go. 

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