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Do you know how to increase hotel occupancy?

Occupancy rate is often acknowledged as a popular indicator of a hotel’s success. The general consensus is that the higher your occupancy rate, the better your business. Do you know how to increase your hotel occupancy?


Here are some tips on how to increase hotel occupancy: 


  • Offer Midweek Deals and Packages
  • Become Certified to Host Weddings 
  • Customer Loyalty Programme and Discounts
  • Strengthen Your Efforts on Social Media
  • Make Your Hotel Inclusive for All


Offer Midweek Deals and Packages



Room occupancy during the week often depends on the season and the location of the hotel. Typically, you can expect fewer bookings from Monday to Thursday because of the working week. A good way to entice business during this low occupancy period is by offering deals exclusive to these days. 


It could be as simple as a free upgrade or a discount on the room. Or something more elaborate such as collaborations with local tourist attractions and restaurants to offer a package that gives the guest both an experience and accommodation for an attractive price. Tapping into the corporate side is a good idea too so offer your venue for meetings and business discounts. 


Whatever it might be, guests will appreciate it. This way, they’ll reconsider their weekend getaway and opt for a cheaper stay during the week, increasing business and overall customer satisfaction. 


Become Certified to Host Weddings 



Hotels are an ideal location for weddings and are becoming increasingly popular for tying the knot. They’re great entertaining spaces and the kitchen facilities mean you can provide the added benefit of catering on premises.


Hotels are especially beneficial if guests at the wedding aren’t local and they need accommodation. They can enjoy the day and celebrate knowing transport won’t be an issue.


A big advantage for brides-to-be is that many hotels can host both their ceremony and reception in the same place. However, you’ll need to get the hotel licensed for a civil ceremony. Then you can start attracting couples and fill up those rooms on the happiest day of their lives.


Customer Loyalty Programme and Discounts



Nothing brings repeat business more than guests being rewarded for staying with you. Did you know that 69% of consumers say their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer rewards?


Here are some more great facts about loyalty programmes and how you can take advantage:



A reward scheme is so simple to set up and as easy as rewarding a free night after so many stays. Most importantly, customers have an incentive to return to your hotel which, in turn, increases your hotel occupancy and retention.


Strengthen Your Efforts on Social Media



Engaging with online audiences, advertising free rooms and being active on social media helps to build trust with prospects. 


It’s not just a case of adding hashtags on Instagram, it’s creating a place for guests and prospects to visualise their experience. When people use your hashtag, they’re sharing it with their followers in a positive way which you can use for testimonials and promotions.


You know your hotel’s location well and your target audience, so take advantage of that. For example, offer value on your social media platforms by engaging with local businesses. Or, tailor your email marketing to entice guests to visit during local event times, creating a package just for them. 


Make Your Hotel Inclusive for All



One thing that can set your hotel apart from the rest and interest others is being more inclusive. Your establishment is inviting but it isn’t always accessible for everybody. Making sure everybody has the option to stay at your hotel is a great way of increasing the bookings.


Here are some ways you can make your hotel more accessible:


  • Convert a couple of rooms into pet friendly rooms. This would be ideal for those with guide dogs and support animals.
  • Make sure you have cots and highchairs available for families travelling with babies and small children.
  • Install ramps or have a wheelchair on-site for older or disabled guests who may need some assistance.


There are lots of things you can do to retain guests. Whether it’s attractive discounts or loyalty schemes - they all assist in creating a memorable guest experience. 


Want to Learn More About Improving a Hotel Guest’s Experience so They’ll Return?


One way in which you can definitely increase hotel occupancy is by providing an amazing experience for your guests. Receiving fantastic service from the hotel staff can be something they remember forever.


So, how can you make sure your guests enjoy staying with you? We’ve put together the ultimate guide that includes everything you need to know, from what facilities to provide to how to make that all-important checking-in experience easy.


Download your free copy below.


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