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Do waiters need steel toe cap shoes?

When you think of steel toe cap shoes you would most likely think they are worn by people working on construction sites or factory floors but you could be surprised to learn that they are also popularly worn in the culinary industry.

Steel toe caps help to protect the toes from unfortunate accidents and trips so they can give waiters extra protection during their shift. The reinforced structure of the shoe defends feet from falling objects or being compressed. However, there are both pros and cons for wearing these protective shoes so we have created a blog to discuss what you should consider before you buy. Let’s start with the pros!


Undeniable protection against accidents

You wouldn’t normally say a construction site and restaurant have much in common but in both work environments you need to take extra protection to safeguard yourself against work accidents.

Waiters are constantly walking through the restaurant floor and into the kitchens. During your shift you will be exposed to different areas and possible risks. One potential danger for waiters is falling objects like glass and sharp cutlery. Wearing extra protection means your feet are defended from knives so you don’t have to worry about losing a toe. If safety is an issue at work then we would consider steel toe caps essential. If you are wondering 'do waiters need steel toe cap shoes?', the answer would be yes, 100%.




You can still be stylish with a steel toe - Executive Wing Tip


Steel means durability and longer life

Shoes with steel caps may be more expensive than your average shoe but with the higher price you know you will receive longer durability. Working long shifts and constant walking means you will probably be ‘running’ through your shoes but steel cap shoes are designed for hard working environments and will keep you working efficiently.

So, those are the pros, what are the cons?

Weight affects speed

With extra reinforcement, these shoes will be heavier. As waiters are already expected to work long shifts and carry heavy loads, the idea of having extra weight on your tired feet might not sound like a good idea. We know speed is valued by many waiters so we would always recommended trying a pair of steel caps to see how they feel and make sure they aren’t a detriment.

Comfort is important

Steel toe shoes are made of sturdier stuff as they are designed for demanding environments and need to protect feet so you may find the structure of the shoe is hard and uncomfortable. The shoes are reinforced to defend from falling bricks, metal and other heavy objects. As a waiter you shouldn’t have to worry about bricks (unless you’re unlucky) but with steel enforced shoes you know you are protected.


Need help finding the right shoes for work?


Finding the right shoes for work doesn’t have to be a slippy subject when you have slip resistant work shoes  and steel caps that protect your feet from all possible injuries. Shoes For Crews have steel toe caps shoes for waiters that keep you looking smart and protect all ten toes. If you’re not entirely sure what shoes you need for your profession click on the download below for your FREE eBook.


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