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FLASH SALE! Get 15% off all styles! Use code SALE15 at checkout! Hurry! Offer valid for 2 days only from 26th to 27th February!


Do Fashionable Waitress Shoes Have to Hurt?

No, fashionable waitress shoes don’t have to hurt. But you need to choose the right ones, otherwise those long shifts are bound to take their toll on your body at some point. Whilst high street shoes might appear to be more fashionable and on-trend, they aren’t practical. Proper waitress shoes offer comfort, durability, support and still look stylish. Here are our top recommendations for fashionable waitress shoes.


These are the features you need to look out for:




As a waitress, you’ll be expected to work long, busy shifts where you’ll be dashing around, tending to the needs of your diners.

This dashing about will no doubt make your feet sweat, which is why you need to find a pair of waitress shoes with great ventilation. This will help to keep your feet cool and will also combat potential rubbing and blistering of your feet too.

We recommend Evolution II. This lightweight athletic shoe features strategically placed mesh panels to help keep your feet cool at all times, so you can race round the restaurant without it playing on your mind.


Supportive Cushioning


There’s only so many shifts you can get away with wearing fashionable high street shoes before your feet, back and joints all start to ache. This makes carrying out service with a smile even harder and who’s going to tip a miserable waitress?

You need to look out for shoes with extra cushioning on the arch and heel, so you can keep smiling through your shift and look after your body.

We recommend Reese. This elegant ballerina flat features removable cushioned insoles and new pressure release technology so you can feel energy returning to your feet with every step you take. Plus, it’s OB and CE certified to protect you from slip hazards.




Let’s face it, we all have our clumsier moments. Slips, trips and falls are the most common accident in the workplace so it’s a must to protect against them. When quickly clearing tables and going back and forth to the kitchen, there are a lot of obstacles for you to potentially trip over. Reduce the risk by choosing shoes with TripGuard technology, which features a tapered outsole to minimise the risk of tripping.

We recommend the Envy III. The tapered toe and slip-resistant soles allow you to work with confidence when moving from different floor surfaces.





Spills are a very common thing in restaurants. Whether it’s drinks being knocked over or even cleaning them up, the floor is left very slippery. With a pair of shoes with a slip-resistant sole, you can work with full confidence that you aren’t going to be on the floor at any minute.

We recommend Spirit II. This CE and OB certified athletic shoe will let you complete your shift with the confidence that you aren’t going to slip over in the restaurant embarrassing yourself in front of the customers and potentially hurting yourself too.



Liquid Resistant


Whether hot or cold, liquids can contribute towards causing serious injuries, so it’s a must that your shoes are liquid-resistant. Hot liquids can obviously burn, but cold water can leave your feet soggy all shift and lead to blisters. A waitress with soggy feet isn’t likely to be a happy one, so morale and productivity could be dented if you aren’t wearing the correct shoes.

We recommend Old School Low Rider IV. This classic sneaker is made from materials that have been treated to repel liquids so you no longer need to worry about spillages harming your feet or your shoes. It also features non-slip soles and complete extra cushioning for prime comfort throughout your shift.




Your everyday high street shoe is unlikely to meet the strict health and safety standards that the EU put in place to safeguard workers. This means that if unfortunately an accident does happen, although your feet will probably look nice, you’re going to be injured. So, when looking for a pair of practical yet cute waitress shoes, check their certifications to ensure you’ll be as safe as possible when sporting them for work.

We recommend Mary Jane II. CE and OB certified, you can guarantee that this shoe will provide you with all the protection you’ll need while still looking stylish at work. 



Still Having Trouble Deciding?


If you’re still not sure on what style suits you best, don’t worry. Check out our guide for some extra reading on what features to look out for and how to stay safe and maximise comfort at work. Download it below:

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