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Do Chefs need waterproof work shoes?

Do you need waterproof shoes to work in a kitchen? Of course chefs aren't expected to wear wellingtons for work unless their kitchen is unlucky enough to be at risk of flooding but for chefs it can be beneficial to wear waterproof shoes. As you're working long hours and expected to have your full attention on the tasks in the kitchen, you can't be distracted by your feet.


We discuss the pros and cons to wearing water resistant shoes in the kitchen so you can find the best shoes for work.  



The Pro's 

Extra protection

As the chef in a bustling kitchen, you are working quickly, chopping food and checking dishes. In the unlikelihood of a spilled pan or pot, waterproof shoes can give your precious feet extra protection so you don't need to take a day off to recover.


Keep dry

Waterproof shoes keep your feet dry in all environments:  walking around the kitchen, popping into the freezer and if you need to step outside to help bring in the fresh deliveries.


Enhance shoe life

Working in an environment that can be heavy with hot steam and moisture will eventually take its toll on your shoes. Water resistance can give your shoes that extra added protection so your shoes have a longer life expectancy. 


Easy to clean

When working in a kitchen you need to make sure everywhere is clean so you can co-exist with the health and safey regulations. After a long shift you'll need to clean your shoes and if they are water resistant it's a quick and simple task to give them a quick wash.


The Con's 


As waterproof shoes are more insulated to keep water out that means more heat is kept in. When working in a busy kitchen around hot foot, working long hours and being always on the move means you can get warm pretty quick. Being hot can make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable, and it's not so pleasant when the time comes for you to take your shoes off (phew!).


Some chefs prefer to wear clogs as they are easy to clean and offer lots of room for your feet to breath (some styles are also waterproof).


It's clear there are more benefits to getting waterproof shoes but the main priority is wearing slip resistant work shoes.


Slip-resistant shoes are a must for chefs

All of Shoes For Crews shoes have slip-resistance on the outsole, the SFC Slip-Resistant outsole is a revolutionary defence against accidental slips. You can buy your pair of SFC work shoes and decide whether you want them to be waterproof or not. Take note of your working environment and consider if wearing water resistant shoes are a pro or a con for you before you invest in a good pair of shoes.


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