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Chef Safety Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks For 2020

While working long shifts, the last thing you need is sore feet because you're not wearing the appropriate safety shoes. Leave that in the past - 2020 is a fresh start with newer styles and slip resistant sole technology available for you to choose from. Here are our top five picks for chef safety shoes in 2020.



When you consider that in the EU, 3,344,474 employees are injured at work year-on-year it's clear that making a change to safe footwear is a vital first step in 2020.



From our Shoes For Crews Range


Shoes For Crews supply a wide range of safety shoes for a variety of industries, from restaurants to bars and hotels. Focusing on safety, comfort and style, our Shoes For Crews range stocks shoes with features such as slip-resistant soles, safety toe caps, puncture proof and waterproof outer materials. Our range of certified safety footwear has been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards, offering superb grip and flexibility to keep you safe throughout your shift.



Radium - A certified shoe and favourite among chefs and kitchen staff

Radium continues to be a popular style for chefs. This is primarily down to its no-lace no-hassle which makes for easy slip-on and off. Along with this, this certified safety shoe will provide you with long-lasting comfort and the all-important slip-resistance technology which is needed in any kitchen environment.


The technology in this style includes materials treated to repel liquids and keep your feet safe at all times. Despite it being made of a durable, high-grade EVA/rubber blend, the lightweight foam compound makes each step lighter and has a spacious, comfortable feel.


With a trip guard tapered toe and superior slip-resistant soles to provide ulterior comfort and help you avoid hazards as you're on your feet throughout your shift, it's one of the safest and most comfortable shoes you should consider this year. Plus, it's CE and OB Certified.



 - A certified chef shoe in a simple, sleek design that'll look good anywhere


If you're searching for a shoe which is more stylish than what's currently on the market, yet still offers that same level of high safety and comfort features, then the Dolce style is one we recommend for 2020.


It might look like a simple shoe, but the Dolce is a CE and S3 Certified chef safety shoe with various safety features. It has slip-resistant soles, safety toe caps, closed and energy absorbing seat area and is waterproof and puncture proof - meaning your feet will stay dry, safe and supported throughout your shift. 


The beauty of this shoe is that it doesn't look like your typical or traditional chef style, which means it can be worn anywhere - even out of the kitchen. The style features a coated leather upper for that sleek finish in either colour and when combined with the superior slip-resistant soles, it's a reliable choice in the kitchen.


Check Out Our MOZO Range


The hospitality life isn't for the faint of heart - we know that. And that's why you invest in dedicated safety shoes. But what if you could wear safety shoes inside and outside of the kitchen? We're pleased to showcase our MOZO range of certified shoes with all of the safety technology you'd expect in a Shoes For Crews shoe, but in a level of style you're used to. So, when you're next working through a double shift, you can be sure you're dodging hazards like a pro and still getting an A+ for style.



Grind - A safe and comfortable shoe with a classic sneaker looks


Grind is a shoe which looks cool enough to go from work to play with both style and superior comfort. With a waxed canvas upper, this is an easy-to-clean option and treated with 3M Scotchguard Protector. It's also a more breathable option because of the three-hole arch ventilation implemented in the shoe. So your feet won't be suffering in the hot kitchen environment.


It's also water-resistant so your feet won't be getting wet, and slip-resistant soles make it a popular choice to help you to stay on your feet throughout those long shifts.



Zinc - Lightweight EVA clog that's easy to clean


The Zinc is one of the most practical styles around. Already, this is worth considering this year because it means you have a shoe that has all of the safety and comfort elements while also cutting down on cross contamination. 


Made from water-resistant, 100% vegan materials, this shoe is designed to repel liquids and keep your feet safe, even if hot liquids fall on them. It's another breathable option because of the side ventilation, while the removable gel insoles make it a much better fit than non-specialist shoes. It keeps you on your feet all service and also reduces the risk of developing any short or long-term injuries.


It also has TripGuard which helps when going from one surface to another depending on what you need to do for your job. So, with all these factors combined, Zinc can help deter any other injuries taking place and is a must have clog for any kitchen work in 2020 and beyond.


Finn and Mavi



  Finn for men and Mavi for women - the classic sneaker with all of the fun and safety.


Featuring gel insoles and heel support, you're bound to have cushioned feet and feel perfectly stable all throughout your shift with the Finn style for men and the Mavi for women. The three-hole arch ventilation allow your feet to breathe while the leather upper materials keep them safe and dry.


Of course, you can't forget the slip-resistant soles by Shoes for Crews. Past reviews have hailed these two styles as being truly non-slip - even on wet floors. And what's even better is that they're like the Grind style - they have the classic sneaker look, so transitioning from work to play has never been easier. 


Pick The Safest Shoes In The Industry


With these and so many more choices in 2020, it's good to know that you have numerous safe and comfortable options to select from when operating in the kitchen. When you consider how many hidden dangers there are in a kitchen, safety should be of the utmost importance and that should all begin with the right footwear.


When working as a chef, you shouldn't need to compromise your safety because of a lack of options. With SHOES FOR CREWS (Europe) Ltd., that's never the case. Wearing our slip-resistant footwear will reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls - the most common workplace accident.



Many of our popular styles surpass minimum ISO standard by two to four times. But it's never easy trying to pick the perfect pair of shoes to keep you safe in the Kitchen. That's why we've created the perfect guide to help you choose. Download our free buying guide now and choose the perfect pair of shoes to keep you safe at work in 2020.

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