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FLASH SALE! Get 15% off all styles! Use code SALE15 at checkout! Hurry! Offer valid for 2 days only from 26th to 27th February!


Are the Best Shoes for Work on the High Street?

Buying shoes for work can sometimes be a painful task when you’re trying to find a pair that does everything. Are they comfortable, slip-resistant, stylish and good value? It can be tempting to buy your work shoes from the same high street store as your favourite pair of trainers. But are they the best shoes for work? 



Finding the Right Footwear for Work

You probably take your time when buying a new pair of trainers. You won’t rush your decision because you don’t want to make the wrong choice.


You should take the same care and attention when buying work shoes. If your job involves you being on your feet for long hours, then you need footwear that can keep you safe and comfortable. 


When choosing work shoes, here’s the criteria you should keep in mind. 



If you work in a demanding work environment, your shoes can easily become a victim of wear and tear. Long hours on your feet can put a strain on both the support and appearance. Plus, you’ll have to buy a replacement pair every few months which can get expensive. Invest in a pair of durable shoes that will last longer than average and keep your feet protected. 


High street shoes aren’t as durable as ones specifically designed to be worn at work. They aren’t created with the same high-quality materials and the support they offer is more likely to degrade. 


DelRay, on the other hand, is a durable shoe that’s designed to last. Created with high-quality materials, it’ll last much longer than high street alternatives, even if it’s worn in active working environments. A high street trainer might look effective but it’s more likely to lose its shape and colouring.



There’s a misconception that the high street is the only place you can find stylish shoes. There’s no denying it’s easy to find iconic trainers that are available in a range of styles and colours. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t stylish shoes available elsewhere that also offer a range of safety and comfort features too. 


Take Freestyle II, for example, which adopts an iconic and timeless style already popular with high street brands and their customers. 


Unlike the high street alternatives, Freestyle II is lightweight and slip-resistant, making sure the wearer stays on their feet as they move between different floor surfaces. 




Comfort is an important factor you need to shop for when buying new work shoes. Although you might prefer the style of another shoe, comfort is what keeps you working hard throughout your shift. After you finish work, you don’t want to nurse your aches and pains which is why it’s so important to buy shoes that give you the most maximum comfort.


High street shoes can sometimes choose style over comfort. They look fantastic but they don’t give the wearer’s feet the support they need, especially if they’re worn for long periods of time. 


That’s not true for Revolution II. This shoe has a natural fit and extra built-in cushioning to provide maximum comfort throughout the day. Every step will feel as good as the last thanks to Revolution II’s comfortable design. 


Safety at Work

Most injuries at work are caused by accidental slips and falls. In the majority of cases, potential accidents at work can be avoided by wearing the correct footwear. It’s better to choose specially-designed shoes that include a number of safety features which reduce the risk of possible slips and trips. 


High street shoes don’t often have features like TripGuard which will keep the wearer safe at all times. If you’re looking for slip-resistant safety shoes that are comfortable, waterproof and ready to deal with whatever happens throughout your shift, then look no further than Dolce81


Dolce81 features a superior slip-resistant outsole that lets you work hard and stay on your feet. The tapered outsole minimises the risk of tripping while the high-quality materials allow you to give your best performance at work without worrying about sore feet. 



Getting value for money is perhaps one of the most important factors when buying a new pair of shoes. You want to get your money’s worth when you pay a good sum for high-quality shoes. When considering all the options, which shoe is the most value for money?


It might be that you find an amazing deal on a pair of shoes on the high street. But because of their poorer-quality and the fact they weren't designed for the hazards of a workplace, you’ll probably have to replace them in the near future. Specially-designed work shoes might be more expensive but they’ll last much longer and are created with safety features to keep you safe and comfortable. 


Cater II offers fantastic value for money thanks to its durability. They’ll last you a long time so you won’t have to worry about replacing them. 

Keep these criteria in mind when buying work shoes and you’ll find a pair that’s durable, comfortable and safe to wear at work. For ideas and inspiration, download our buying guide now. 


Our Buying Guide

We know how frustrating it can be to wear inappropriate footwear at work. They can be uncomfortable, painful and do nothing to stop you from potentially slipping on wet surfaces. With the right work shoes, you can give the best possible performance at work without having to worry about workplace hazards. 


To see our full range of shoes for work, make sure to download our free buying guide today. It’s filled with different styles so you’re sure to find the right pair to suit you. Get the guide now by clicking on the link below. 


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