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All You Need to Know About Non-Slip Shoes for Kitchen Work

You may let your kitchen staff get away with wearing shoes they’ve picked out from their favourite brands. Though they might look great, but these shoes aren’t equipped to deal with the different hazards that are common in kitchens, like slippery surfaces and falling objects. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right non-slip shoes for kitchen work. We’ll cover:





Why are Non-Slip Shoes Important?


No matter the sector, slips and falls are the largest cause of accidents at work in Europe. Even the smallest spill can lead to serious accidents for staff members, making safety measures are especially important in busy kitchens.

The health and wellbeing of your staff is your responsibility and you’ll need to take the necessary steps to ensure they’re safe. Any injuries or accidents can lead to legal problems if you ignored health and safety regulations.

You might have carried out a risk assessment and realised how hazardous the floor can be during a busy service. If you haven’t completed one, then read our tips on where to start when it comes to kitchen safety risk assessments.

Not all shoes are equipped to deal with slippery surfaces so when choosing footwear for your staff, make sure to look for non-slip designs. Created with effective anti-slip outsoles, these shoes will keep your staff safe and on their feet at all times.


Why Does Your Job Role Matter When Choosing Shoes?


There’s no one perfect shoe for all members of staff. Chefs, waiters and managers will all face different hazards and need shoes that suit their specific needs. For example, chefs are more likely to have to deal with falling objects and need a steel toe for protection.

Waiters often sacrifice comfort to wear shoes that are stylish. There are plenty of shoes available that offer protection and look good. Who says fashionable waitress shoes have to hurt?

Speak to members of your kitchen staff to determine the hazards that they face and choose shoes accordingly. It can get very hot in a kitchen so chefs might ask you for shoes that offer ventilation to keep their feet cool and dry.

You might realise that some members of staff regularly face hazards like hot liquids, heavy items and wet surfaces. It’s worth considering whether or not they need specific safety shoes to keep their feet safe at all times.


What’s the Difference Between Regular and Safety Shoes?


Safety shoes give the wearer more protection from the hazards they face in the kitchen. Specially designed to adhere to EU standards, safety shoes are slip-resistant, comfortable and durable.

Safety features like puncture resistance, TripGuard and steel toes all keep the wearer’s feet safe from any danger they might face. Regular shoes might look up to the task, but when faced with hazards like falling knives, they don’t offer the same vital protection.

Your waitstaff might like wearing fashionable regular shoes from their favourite brand, but they’re more likely to have sore feet by the end of the night. Despite their longevity and durability, safety shoes do still need replacing and you should always be on the lookout for damage like general wear and tear.


Our Favourite Types of Non-Slip Shoes for Kitchen Work


One of our favourite kinds of non-slip shoes for kitchen work is Finn. Giving the perfect balance between comfort and protection, Finn is ideal for male chefs that are on their feet all day.


Finn is water-resistant and provides superior slip-resistant traction to prevent slips and falls. Water-resistant to keep feet warm and dry, they’re also stylish and are sure to be a popular choice with your chefs. 

For the female chefs and kitchen staff on your team, we love Rocket thanks to its water-resistance and extra cushioning. Offering important safety features like Composite Toe - 200 Joules, it keeps staff safe throughout the day. 


The lightweight foam compound makes each step light and easy, even at the end of a busy shift. Rocket is A1 Certified and has a tapered outsole to minimise the risk of tripping when moving between floor surfaces.

Some industrial kitchens require heavy duty shoes to keep staff safe from heavy items and falling knives.


Gusto81 is waterproof, puncture resistant, clog resistant and will keep your staff safely on their feet all day. Created with a steel toe and TripGuard, these shoes are ready for anything the day might throw at them.

This shoe meets the latest EU regulations and have safety certificates like CE and S3. If you aren’t sure what these certificates mean or why they matter, read our handy guide.

There’s a lot to think about when finding the right non-slip shoes for kitchen work, but we can point you in the right direction.


Finding the Right Non-Slip Shoes


For more information on non-slip shoes and help finding the perfect designs for your kitchen staff, download our catalogue today. It outlines which shoes are appropriate for which kitchen hazard, helping you to find the perfect shoes for your specific kitchen. Download the catalogue today using the link below.


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