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8 impressive benefits of slip resistant overshoes for work

Overshoes are worn over your regular work shoes. They are designed to protect your shoes from dirt and potential damage. Restaurant kitchens and factories commonly have overshoes available for visitors or new employees to help keep their shoes clean. There are many benefits of slip resistant overshoes for work:




1) Protects your shoes

One of the main reasons people like wearing overshoes over their regular shoes is they protect their shoes from damage. Work shoes are designed for different work environments. If you're wearing formal dress shoes, they won't be appropriate for busy factory floors. Overshoes saves you having to buy another pair of shoes because you can wear the shoes over your normal work shoes instead. 


Overshoes can be made from different materials but we've discovered rubber is the best for protecting your shoes from dirt, dust and water.



2) Easy to clean

Another benefit of wearing rubber overshoes is, they're easy to clean. Washing your normal work shoes can feel like a tricky activity as you try to avoid getting the interior wet. Rubber shoe covers are easy to wash. If you wanted to use the hosepipe, you don't have to worry about wetting the insoles.


Crewguard Soft Toe Overshoes (52) slip resistant and waterproof shoe protectors 



3) Saves time

Having a pair of overshoes for work saves you time. Employees who are required to visit different work sites will be expected to have multiple pairs of different shoes. Changing your shoes every couple of hours is a hassle, especially if you have to go to your locker every time.


Overshoes can easily be slipped on over your work shoes. As they're smaller than regular footwear, you can comfortably carry them in a bag. One pair of overshoes is a lot lighter than 3 or 4 pairs of work shoes.



4) Saves money

Buying work shoes can be more costly than buying a normal pair of shoes. But that's because work shoes are designed to be worn for your specific job role (discover if your favourite shoes are the best shoes for your job). You get what you pay for when buying shoes. 


If you're expected to have multiple pairs of different types of work shoes, buying overshoes will save you having to buy more shoes.


It's important to remember - even though overshoes are cheaper than buying a pair of work shoes, they don't have all the benefits of slip resistant work shoes.



5) Fully waterproof

Overshoes are waterproof. As they fit snugly on the outsole of your shoes, they offer your shoes extra protection against puddles and splashes.



6) Protects your toes

Wearing slip resistant over shoes with steel toe caps improves the safety of your feet. There are pros and cons to wearing steel toe capped boots for work. They protect your feet when working in high hazard environments like construction sites but they're heavier and can tire your feet.  


Steel toe overshoes offer you the flexibility to wear them when you need to.



Crewguard Steel Toe Overshoes (53) slip resistant shoe protectors with steel toe caps which meet EN ISO 20345



7) Can be worn over your own shoes

Overshoes can be worn over most types of shoes: trainers, boots, flats and work shoes. It's likely you won't know when you're needed on the factory floor or out in the construction site. Overshoes fit most shoes so you don't have to worry about what shoes you're wearing. 


For health and safety reasons, employees and visitors need to wear appropriate footwear. Overshoes are easy to slip on and will significantly improve safety for the wearer. 



8) Improves safety


Slip resistant overshoes improves your safety at work. The slip resistant grip reduces the chance of slips, trips and falls.


Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accidents to happen at work and yet, they can be easily avoided.  Have a look at the grip tread on your shoes. If the outsole of your shoes are completely flat, your shoes will have no resistance and you'll be at a higher risk of slipping or falling at work. You can easily improve your safety at work by wearing slip resistant shoes or overshoes. 



Impressed by the benefits of slip resistant overshoes?





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