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7 Inspirational food ideas for a refreshed spring menu

As spring is almost here, it's the perfect opportunity to refresh your restaurant menu. Potential customers will be climbing out of their winter hibernation to enjoy the sun's return and eat some excellent food. Here are some inspirational food ideas you need in your spring menu...




In spring, it's important to remember there are many customers who are still working toward the popular New Year's resolution of losing weight. You can tempt them with delicious and healthy salads. Many restaurants prefer going for the same old Caesar Salads, and that can get very boring. Be unique to intrigue new diners!



Chicken and pomegranate spinach salad



This is a popular dish for spring. Chicken is a light and healthy protein and it tastes delicious with the bright purple pomegranate. Mix these two ingredients with spinach and you've got a beautiful looking dish. 



Salade Niçoise



Salade Niçoise is a French salad mixed with fresh tuna and salad. This is a delicious healthy choice but it's not regularly featured in many menus. Give the Salade Niçoise the recognition it deserves and promote it on your spring menu. Fresh tuna, new potatoes, plum tomatoes, fine French beans, iceberg lettuce, new olives and then finally, quartered boiled egg.  



The return of the BLT



The BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato), perhaps one of GB's favourite sandwiches. For spring, you can refresh your menu by including a mixed selection of hot and cold sandwiches. In the case of the BLT, you've got the heart warming comforts of bacon with a healthy helping of salad.



Salmon Teriyaki



The perfect dish for a light lunch or starter, salmon teriyaki is pan fried salmon which is treated with a sweet teriyaki sauce. This can be served with salad, noodles or fries. 



Seafood paella



Continuing with inspirational seafood dishes, you can get a win-win with seafood paella. During spring, many people have holidays on their mind. Spanish paella satisfies those imaginings and offers a tasty dish.




Potato and Olive Salad



You might be thinking this is a bit carb heavy for a spring dish but this is the perfect side dish to compliment a main course.  Hot roast potatoes mixed with salad and chopped olives. 



Sweet Potato Fries




Another popular side dish to add to your menu. Sweet potato fries are appearing more and more on restaurant menus and it's foolish to ignore the trend. Sweet potato is a healthy alternative to potatoes, and whilst some customers won't order a side dish of fries because they think it's greedy, they'll order sweet potato fries because they're healthy.



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