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6 Reasons Why You Need Bar Shoes

It can be easy to be put off buying industry specific bar shoes. At first, it's kinda hard to see what extra you’re getting over a cheaper, high street alternative. Here’s everything you need to know about bar shoes and why they’re a necessity for all bar staff. Including you.



What are Bar Shoes?


Every bartender will know all too well that most shifts consist of long hours where you’re constantly on your feet. Well, bar shoes are designed to safeguard bar workers from the occupational hazards you face on a daily basis - like slips, trips and falls, which four percent of people in Europe have to take time off work for each year. Here's why you should choose proper bar shoes instead of a high street alternative:



Working all those hours, often into the early hours of the morning, can certainly take its toll on your body. Especially your feet, knees and back. And it’s pretty hard to provide service with a smile when your body is screaming at you for wearing unforgiving footwear.

Unlike high street alternatives, bar shoes are practically designed with extra cushioning so that you can stay comfortable throughout your shift and prevent aching joints and sore feet.




Whether you’re behind the bar serving drinks or amongst the customers collecting glasses, drinks are often spilled, making the floor dangerously slippy.


Slip-resistant bar shoes will leave you working in full confidence that you’re not going to end up on the floor at some point in your shift. The floor behind the bar will often be a different type to the one out front, therefore slip-resistant shoes are designed to protect you when dashing around across these different surfaces.




As if being on your feet all shift isn’t hard enough, having soggy feet will only add insult to injury and morale will no doubt take a significant hit. Having bar shoes that are water-resistant will keep your feet nice and comfortable, also reducing the likelihood of blisters.

Also, the material makes the shoes easy to clean, which is great for when you're busy, tired or both. Working with dirty shoes is not only unhygienic but can have a negative impression on your customers and can ruin the professional look you’re going for.



Different Styles for Different Bars...


Executive Wing III is the ideal shoe for any bar situation. From working in a cocktail bar to a fine-dining restaurant this shoe will ensure you look professional at all times. The waterproof material along with extra cushioning will ensure that your feet are comfortable throughout your shift and the slip-resistant sole will protect you from common slips, trips and falls. 


Finn from the Mozo range is the perfect shoe for a more relaxed, less formal bar environment. The supported heel and gel insoles make the long hours seem like light work on your feet. The full-grain leather upper makes them easy to clean so they always look box fresh. Plus, the water-resistant and slip-resistant features are sure to keep you safely on your feet.   



A lot of bar workers often opt for a pair of high street shoes to wear for work, mainly due to their attractive price point. What’s the point in splashing out on shoes that are only going to be covered in spilled beer and wine? Right?



The likelihood is that if something is inexpensive to buy, they won’t be made to last and withstand the constant pressure you'll put them under when working in a bar.

At first glance, bar shoes may look more expensive but you can be sure that you’re investing in good quality, durable shoes that are going to look after you at work and no doubt save you  money in the long run.


Professional Looking


In any customer facing role, it’s important that you give off a professional impression. More often than not, the first factor that a customer will base their impression of the bar's service on is what the staff are wearing.


A professional looking pair of bar shoes can round off staff uniforms perfectly, making your bar look well-established and successful unlike bar teams who are all wearing shabby, unsuitable shoes.

Like with uniforms, having a bar team kitted in out in specialised bar shoes can bring a sense of unity and belonging to the staff. This is proven to have a positive effect on morale and productivity, which can only mean good things.




Ventilated bar shoes are designed to keep your feet cool and fight sweaty odours. As you’re on your feet for so long, keeping your feet cool is a great way of preventing rubbing and blistering that can hinder how efficiently you work.


Make Sure You Choose the Right Shoes


Total safety in the workplace is paramount in any industry. In bars, there are hazards around every corner. Slippery floors and broken glass are just a couple that you need to look out for.

High street alternatives don’t cut it when it comes to working in high-pressured environments, so make sure that you choose the right bar shoes for you. Download our free guide here:

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